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If you are looking for the Oprah Teen Book Club, you may be disappointed to learn that Oprah doesn't have one yet. Instead, turn your attention to her new O Girl, O Beautiful Club!

Oprah Teen Book Club: Think O Girl, O Beautiful!

No one can doubt that Oprah's got the magic touch when it comes to moving the masses. Lucky for us, she treats her power responsibly, and only supports causes that benefit the whole of human kind. Enter O Girl, O Beautiful.

If you're not sure what O Girl, O Beautiful is all about, let's quickly get you filled in. As a young teen, you may already be aware of the fact that many young girls today, including girl's you know, suffer from low-self esteem. While there are many causes of this problem, Oprah has decided to focus on finding the solution. Thus O Girl, O Beautiful was born.

The Basics

If you are curious about this club and would like to know how the process works, then you've come to the right place. Let's walk you through the progression and get you started on your journey!

  • Step 1: Print the contract

Don't worry, the contract's not long and if you break it (though we sincerely hope you won't), Oprah's not going to come to your house and give you a scolding! In a nutshell, the contract states that you are beautiful, smart and unique (for sure!), and that you need to honor this.

How so? Well, Oprah wants you to take the O Girl promise. That is, each day, write down at least one thing about yourself that makes you special. Further, you are to believe and affirm for yourself that you will always see yourself this way.

  • Step 2: Talk with others

In this section you can share your own personal story with other like minded teens while receiving lots of helpful feedback.

  • Step 3: Tell Oprah your story

On Oprah's website, there is a link entitled Tell Us Your Story. Once you click on that link, you'll be taken to a page that declares "Calling All Girls Age 14 and Up". Here, Oprah wants to hear from you! Tell her what you love most about yourself or if you are struggling with low self-esteem, share that.

Don't worry about what to write. Oprah gives some questions on the site that can serve as guidelines in helping you pen your piece. Additionally, remember that nothing is more memorable or touching than someone who speaks straight from the heart, so don't be afraid to be honest.

Oprah is planning a follow-up shoe on her O Girl campaign, so let your pens fly! Who knows? Maybe we'll see you on one of her upcoming shows!

  • Step 4: Shop!

Ok, this one's optional, but if you do purchase an O Girl tee-shirt, or a Building a Dream: The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy DVD, you'll feel great about knowing that your money is going to the Oprah Angel Network. 100 percent of the site's profits are dedicated to helping build homes right her in the US, as well as helping less fortunate people around the world.

Learning from Others

In addition to the steps above, there is also a link called Skewed Self Image. Once you click it, it relays stories about famous women, who to the rest of the world are drop dead gorgeous, but have felt terrible about the way they've looked in the past. From weight issues to eye issues to feeling down about their skin color, these stories serve to show that you are not alone. Even highly successful, smart and beautiful women have had to overcome low self-esteem.

You may have turned here for the Oprah Teen Book Club, but what you found instead was O Girl, O Beautiful. Let this be a, if we may borrow an Oprah phrase, an aha! moment. Loving who you are, what you look like, and holding your values tight is what makes you such a special person! Join Oprah's O Girl, O Beautiful and start feeling great today!

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