Poems About Being a Teenager

Poems about being a teenager can touch upon many aspects of life, ranging from teenage angst to teen love. Adolescence is a transitional stage during which a teen may feel suspended between dependence and independence. The struggle for identity and social acceptance, complex relationships and physical changes make this stage of life difficult at times, but the rich experiences can be explored in poetry for teenagers.


  • Copy your thoughts
  • Of friendship true
  • Of thing you forgot
  • To say or do
  • Hold each moment
  • In your hand
  • And release it
  • To one who understands



  • I'm growing older
  • Everyday
  • You feel
  • I push you
  • Away
  • But my love
  • Is strong
  • Tucked deep inside
  • Growing still
  • Like me
  • Wanting to hide

Poems About Being a Teenager

Uncertain Crush

  • There is no certainty in your smile
  • That passes through vision
  • like threads of lighting
  • To reach for your hand
  • and find it stone gone
  • Would unravel this uncertain crush
  • Splintering the sky
  • With my empty-fingered hands


  • Silence pounds the walls
  • Mocking the slow
  • Unfounded beat
  • Beneath my skin
  • Loneliness grows
  • Until the emotion melds
  • Into visions
  • Reflected in my very eyes

Technology and Language

2B or not 2B

  • TOM and 2moro
  • UR BAK and BAG
  • MOO abt MOOS
  • And BEG BIF
  • 2C
  • R
  • Yippee.
  • SED
  • Enough, darling
  • L8R

The Future


  • Within each element of this crystal life
  • Are threads twisting into the cycle
  • Of here and now
  • They weave the uncertain path
  • Unfolding beneath your feet
  • Unraveling into your past

Poems about being a teenager touch upon many themes, and you recreate each piece of writing when you read it. Your unique perception gives each line new meaning. One day, you may look back on poems about teenage life with great memories.

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Poems About Being a Teenager