Poems for a Sad Teen

Sad teen

Poems for a sad teen can touch upon countless subjects, and several approaches are available to consider. Teenagers may benefit from delving deep into the emotions using sad poetry. On the other hand, uplifting poems with a positive theme can offer naturally mood-enhancing results.

Understanding Poems for a Sad Teen

Poetry for sad teenagers can be organized into a number of different categories, ranging from subject matter to format. However, the focus for the melancholy teen is often mood. Those who love sad teenage poems have good reason.

Embracing Sorrow

Instead of burying grief, it may be more productive to embrace the emotion, facing it for what it is. One way to work with mood and writing include diving into the sadness, as in the following poem, "Drowning".


Delving deep into the melancholy mind

Is a dangerous task

Take one deep breath inside

Sinking a smile to mask

The internal struggle to break

Free from the grief stricken

Beat of your suffocating heart

Allow the fluid motion of sorrow

To cast its wet shadow

Weighing each cell down

To its very core

Others climb, leap and soar

Beyond your tear soaked thoughts

You settle beneath the comfortable

Warm waves of mourning

Drifting still

In "Drowning", the sad teenager is comforted by his or her own grief and submerges into the emotional state appears to be the sole source of relief. Sometimes allowing an emotion to occur naturally leads to better feelings. Other poems for a sad teen offer other ways to express grief that is not as hopeless, but are still cathartic in nature.

Sadness and Anger

Sadness manifests itself in many ways, and a sad teenager may appear to be irritable and angry. Addressing this aspect of sadness is a great way to work through the complex combination of emotions. Many sources of anger are relevant to a teen's life.

The Scream

In this distant notion

That I mattered enough

For one attentive glance

To snap the gap between us

I would break that space


To find what odd fact

I would become

In the tethered laughter

--Your echoing memory--

I force a shattering


Though this quiet space

But the sound drops

Against the wall of my insides

Where it still rages Pulling itself to my throat

Squeezing out in a pathetic


As deaf as the distance

Between you and me

The subtle anger in "The Scream" is deeply intertwined with distress and finally a mournful sob. This type of poem for a sad teen helps to identify the correlation between the complex emotions. Other types of poetry offer guidance for the melancholy teenager in different ways.

Overcoming Sadness

Sadness runs a cycle, often merging with conflicting emotions. Poems about teenage life do not have to focus on the negative aspect of the trials teens face during their adolescence. Sadness has a purpose, and growth is a considerable benefit of the emotion.

Melancholy Love

The moment he fell in love with grief

And cradled her crescent eyes

In his mind

She poured upon him

Blue rain reigning over

His every thought

And the smooth tooth

Beneath her burgundy lips Parted his weeping veins

Each red tear

Running beneath his skin

But his sorrowing love waned

And grief slid away,

A loyal memory

Pining for his return

A person's relationship with sadness is complex, just as it is with romantic relationships. In "Melancholy Love", grief is personified into a loyal partner that helps the object of her affection to pass through a difficult time. This is the purpose of sadness.

Writing Sad Poetry

Writing poetry is a craft that incorporates all of the senses. The craft involves building a deeper understanding of each experience as well as its emotional counterparts. Taking time to write without self-consciousness is a great way to create something beautiful from even the most painful situations.

Poems for a sad teen offer help in many ways. The writing helps create a new perspective on a situation. It creates a feeling that others emphasize, and that the sadness is a natural part of life. The emotion is a necessity that is among the many elements of a life rich with experience.

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Poems for a Sad Teen