Finding Poems on Saying Goodbye to Friends

Saying goodebye to a friend can be hard.

Poems on saying goodbye to friends can be sad, bittersweet, or sometimes happy if you know you are going to see that friend again. Poetry is traditionally written to express feelings of happiness, love, regret, sadness, or even anger. When you have to say goodbye to a friend, you will probably feel some or all of these emotions, depending on how close of a friend they were to you. Losing friends is a normal part of the teenage years, even though it hurts to lose them.

Reasons for having to say goodbye to a friend are numerous, and differ for each person. A fight or disagreement can cause friends to grow apart, or a family move can separate close friends when they least expect it. Also, as adolescents move into their high school years, friendships formed in elementary school and junior high school can grow apart, since oftentimes friends are on different class schedules or even in completely different schools. This doesn't mean that you cannot reconnect with friends; however, it just might take some effort from both parties. Poems are a great way to let friends know that you care, and make a thoughtful goodbye present.

Where to find Poems on Saying Goodbye to Friends

If you need to find a poem on saying goodbye to a friend, there are many different places where you can look. Those who are good with words and creative can even try writing their own poem. You do not have to be incredibly good at English, though it might help, or be able to rhyme well. In fact, poems do not necessarily have to rhyme at all. Many poems do not have any rhymes in them, such as Haikus. Some tips for poem writing are:

  • Be sincere: The poem will mean much more if you include memories of you and your friend, such as inside jokes and shared experiences.
  • Quality is better than quantity: A long poem that is hard to read is not as good as a shorter poem that is well written. Just write as much as you see fit, don't try to make it longer just so that it will look more impressive.
  • It doesn't have to be like other poems you have read: Everyone's idea of a poem is different; you don't have to make your poem look like others that you have read in the past.

If you don't want to write your own poem, you can easily find friendship poems online or in books. Poetry books by many different authors are available at your local library or bookstore, and finding poems online just takes a few simple clicks of a mouse. Websites that offer some poems on saying goodbye to friends include:

Finding poems online is not hard, and poems are a great way to show a friend who is leaving that you care. Texting your friend a shorter poem after they leave is also a good way to let them know that you will miss them when they are gone.

Uses for Poems

When you have found the perfect friendship poem, you will want to use it. Some examples of poem uses are:

  • Write the poem in a letter and mail it to your friend
  • Text a short poem to your friend
  • Sign a card with the poem

Saying goodbye to friends can be tough, but it is not impossible to stay in touch with friends who have moved away, or have grown apart from you. A simple letter, text, or e-mail could be all it takes to rekindle a friendship.

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Finding Poems on Saying Goodbye to Friends