Pranks to Pull on Friends


Pranks to pull on friends are all over the Internet, in books, on television shows, and even in your own home! Pulling pranks on your friends is a high school ritual that almost all teenagers participate in at some point. As long as pranks are pulled in good fun, then they help students and friends create memories that will last a whole lifetime. However, ideas for pranks sometimes become a little bland. The old tired and true pranks, such as the hand in warm water, and the bra in the freezer tricks, are good for a few laughs, but if you really want to pull one over on your friends, then a little more creativity will be needed in the prank's crafting. There are many different places where you can get ideas from pranks, ranging from books and websites, to even your very own imagination.

Some Funny Pranks to Pull on Your Friends

Are you looking for a really good prank to pull on your friend for April Fool's Day, her birthday, or just because you are bored? Of course you are going to want your prank to be good, and funny as well, if you are going to put all the time and effort into pulling the prank off. Some important things to consider when planning on pulling a prank on your friend are; how big you want the prank to be, who the prank will be on, and time and money considerations. Some good, but uncommon pranks are put into a list below:

  • '"Plastic Toilet'": Put plastic wrap around the bowl of the toilet, and wait for your unlucky victim to decide to make a pit stop in the bathroom.
  • '"Smells like Chicken"': Put a chicken (or vegetable or beef) bouillon cube in your friend's showerhead. When he comes out of the bathroom, comment on how "something smells like chicken".
  • '"Carrot Seeds"': Get a package of carrot seeds and spell out a message on your friend's front lawn. When the seeds begin to grow, they will be able to see the message in their grass, but weed killer won't kill carrot seeds, so they won't be able to figure out how to rid them of your message.
  • '"Dude, Who Stole My Door?"': Unhinge your friend's door from the door frame, and hide it somewhere clever. Leave a sheet of clues and send them on a fun "treasure hunt".
  • '"It's...Alarming"': Set four or five alarm clocks for different hours during the day and night. Hide them inside of air vents, behind sofas, anywhere that your friend won't look for the noises that will now be mysteriously coming from random places around their house.
  • '"Jelly Doors"': Slather petroleum jelly on all the doors in your friend's home, and when he or she tries to open one of the doors, his hand will keep slipping while he wonders why you are laughing so hard!

There is of course, an endless amount for different types of pranks, some more extreme than these, and some that are less hardcore and more playful. Always take your friend's feelings, and the law, into consideration before pulling your prank of choice.

Places to Get Prank Ideas

There are many different places to get great prank ideas for you and your friends; books, magazines, websites, television shows, and even just brainstorming around your house can lead to some amazingly funny prank ideas. has an abundance of books on the subject of pranks.


Though pranks are done all in fun, you need to take some precautions as not to get yourself in trouble, or hurt anyone's feelings. Here is a list of a few things to keep in mind:

  • Never do anything illegal, it's just not worth it to get in trouble with the police.
  • Don't be cruel or hurt someone's feeling; that's not right, you guys are friends after all!
  • Don't vandalize school property. It hurts the school, and will probably wind up getting you in a lot of trouble.

Whatever prank you decide to use on your friend, be sure to do it all in good humor. Happy pranking!

Pranks to Pull on Friends