Prom Dress Up Game Ideas

 Dress up games for prom

Prom dress up games are a fun way to create fun creative looks for the prom.

Virtual Prom Dress Up Games

There are many virtual makeover sites where you can create looks for the prom. You can try out different avatars and choose prom dresses and accessories on your virtual model. Most games start off with a model and various prom options to choose from. There are many options to choose from including hair, lipstick, shoes and of course the dress. The games are not set up as challenges but opportunities to create fun looks for the prom. Some have options to view the final creation along with saving or printing out your final design.

Some sites to check out include:

  • Dress Up Games features formal-wear dress up games. Check out their Prom Girl game. The model in the game is the most popular girl in her school. She is very beautiful and trendy. The goal is to help her choose her dress and accessories for her prom.
  • I Dress Up features a prom dress game where you can choose lipstick, hair and other accessories to compliment the prom dress of your choice.

Word of caution: when playing online games, never give out any personal information to people you do not know. Get permission from a parent before going onto any gaming websites. There are many games available online that don't ask for personal information or require you to sign up or create an account. Always ask permission before downloading any programs onto your home computer.

Prom Dress Up Games to Play in Person

Get some friends together and dress each other up as if you were going to the prom. It is always fun to do makeovers on your friends so pretend you are getting ready for the prom and have some fun. Set up an area where you can do each others hair and makeup. Have different jewelry and shoes available to try on. For the dress part, ask your mom or an older sister for dresses to try on. You may even ask your friends to bring over different fashions to try out. You can get ideas by looking at prom magazines and try to replicate the looks you like. After you get dressed in your creations, why not take pictures or show-off your fashions to your parents or friends.

Another prom game alternative is to cut out pictures of prom fashions from magazines and create a collage of images that you like. Pick out different accessories that you would wear with the dress, find shoes and a purse to complete the look. You can even cut out images from other magazines of other prom components such as flowers and different hairstyles that you like for prom.

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Prom Dress Up Game Ideas