Prom Queen Qualities and Campaign Ideas

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Becoming prom queen is a committed, exhaustive process. You need to be socially connected and must know how to be a friend to everyone. If you are good at fitting in, remembering names, and are comfortable around strangers, you may be the next monarch at your school's most important dance of the year.

Act Like You've Already Won

The best way to become prom queen is to act like you already are one. Be a balanced individual. Know how to be friendly and fun, studious and flirtatious, but never be too much of any one quality. Instead, seek to be well-rounded. Your goal is to be liked by the majority of the clique at any given lunch table, and to do that, you have to know how to make the rounds and always feel content and comfortable.


Well-rounded means having varied interests. You don't have to be the best at every activity, but you do need to know a bit about everything and be at least acquaintances with everyone. If you are only friends with other popular people, you will never earn the votes of the other groups. Consider joining or at least knowing individuals involved with certain activities, such as the following:

  • Cheerleading
  • Book club
  • School newspaper
  • Debate team
  • Other extracurricular activities
  • Fundraisers

It's also important to contribute to your overall community, not just your school. You should also be willing to win the encouragement of your peers' parents and of teachers, as they may influence voting. Do this by participating in some out of school activities:

  • Volunteer at the library or at an animal shelter.
  • Be friendly to customers at an after school job.
  • Participate in a religious activity.

Aspirations and Goals

You should also have specific goals set for yourself. Know what colleges you'd like to attend if you haven't already been accepted, and discuss your career goals with other students. Be sure to also excel at listening; understand what others think about school and home life, as this will be appreciated and remembered.

Personality Traits

Ladies tend to get vicious and competitive during prom queen nominations! You'll need to have a friendly exterior and always wear a smile. This will set you above the other candidates and show that you aren't petty like your competition. Remember to do the following:

  • Demonstrate kindness.
  • Be helpful to friends and strangers.
  • Be seen talking to members of different social circles.
  • Wear your best clothes and makeup.
  • Hang out with others who demonstrate these qualities.

Academic Life

A worthy prom queen always keeps school as her first priority. Students want to vote for a focused young woman with a sharp mind, and that means never falling behind class or missing school for social reasons.

Campaigning for Prom Queen

Your record will be the deciding factor for some who want to vote. Be sure to casually remind others about your past experiences in high school. Maybe you didn't have time to join their club this year, but you were an active member in the past. A literary type would appreciate knowing how much you enjoy your favorite poet.

Some helpful campaigning tips include the following:

  • Campaign early.
  • Enlist others to assist in making posters and banners.
  • Maintain a or other website with the permission of your parents, and invite others to visit your site and learn about you. Accept all friend requests from students at your school.
  • Make class or assembly announcements.
  • Decorate your car and locker and ask the owners of local teen hang outs if you can post campaign banners at their establishments.

Positive Attitude

A friendly demeanor and winning attitude is the best way to become prom queen. Display your integrity and show that you are worthy of the title. Don't forget to show good sportsmanship and act respectful to other candidates.

Process of Nomination

Each school's nomination process is different. Typically, students vote for their favorite individuals, and those with the most votes become a part of the prom court. From this elite group, a final vote is taken to elect the prom king and queen.

Prom Queen Duties

When you are selected as prom queen, your hard work and campaigning pays off! However, the work isn't over yet. You might be asked to perform some other duties or responsibilities, including the following:

  • Assist the prom court or committee in planning and setting up the prom.
  • Offer fashion advice to other young women.
  • Make guests feel welcome at the event.
  • Engage in special participation at football games, spirit week, or other school activities.

How to Win Prom Queen

Along with the fun and glamour of holding the crown, there are also challenges. Balancing schoolwork, family life, social pressures, and extracurricular activities can be a lot to manage. You need to stay organized. Don't forget small obstacles, either: Does your dress need alterations? What if the elected prom king is not your boyfriend? Be ready to handle these issues in a calm, sophisticated manner. Don't forget to wear a hairstyle conducive to tiara-wearing.

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Prom Queen Qualities and Campaign Ideas