Prom Event Supplies and Buying Tips

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If you're planning prom, choosing the right place to get your prom supplies is a big decision. Where you shop and what you choose will depend largely on your budget, your decorating space, and your theme. Before you choose a prom supply company, make sure that you have considered your options thoroughly.

Types of Prom Supplies

When you first start looking for a prom supply company, you'll need to consider what types of prom supplies you're looking for. Below is a beginning checklist of things to consider while making your shopping list.

Theme Kits

Theme kits are nice for those who have little time to spend decorating, or feel that they have little creativity. Theme kits come in a variety of themes such as countries, Under the Sea, the circus. . .if you can imagine it--there is likely a whole kit you can buy. In general, you will find that a theme kit will include:

  • A backdrop mural for your chosen theme.
  • Props to complete the scene.
  • Some type of archway under which you stand for a photo.

Some advantages to going with a theme kit is that it's easy to put up and be done with decorating. With that said, it is expensive--a complete theme kit will run you about a thousand dollars. In addition, if you want to get the whole school involved and help save on costs--you might want to consider asking the art department to create your scenery instead.


You'll want to make sure that you plan your favors well so that everyone has a souvenir to remember their special night. You can go with a prom supply company, but most wedding companies will also do prom favors. Be aware that some companies that sell prom supplies will give a discount if you order everything from them.


You can do all sorts of things with gossamer--even change a gymnasium into an incredibly elegant setting! Gossamer is a shiny decorating "sheet" that you can use to cover walls, ceilings and create dramatic backdrops. Consider it a 'must have' if you're not getting a theme kit.


Attention to detail shows your prom guests that you've worked on creating an evening to remember. Consider some of these accessories:

  • Lamp posts
  • Ice sculpture
  • Punch fountain
  • Confetti for the tables or floor
  • Archway for the entrance
  • Fresh flowers
  • Lighting

After you've made the list of your supplies and thought about what you'd like to have, it's time to start shopping for the perfect supply company.

Questions to Ask Suppliers

Don't just go with the first supply company you see in the phone book. Shop around and make a list of possible options. Don't assume either that you need to just go with one company. By shopping around you can get incredible deals and afford the prom you really want to have. Make sure to ask these questions when shopping for your prom supplies:

  1. Do you offer any discounts?
  2. Who is responsible for setting up special decorations such as fountains?
  3. Do you deliver to the prom site? (If you're ordering from a local company but having you're prom elsewhere--this is an important question to ask.)
  4. Do you offer any guarantees?
  5. Can we cancel or change our order?

It is important to be thoroughly acquainted with the company's return policies as well so make sure you and your advisor read the fine print. If you're just ordering things that can be delivered in advance to your school, there should not be a contract. However, if your items need to be delivered the night of the prom, then the company should give you a contract stating where and when the delivery will happen, along with a phone number if you have any problems.

Where to Find Prom Supply Companies

If you're budget conscious, before you head to a general supply store, consider going local. For example, if you want fresh flowers, see if you can't strike a deal for deep discounts in exchange for advertising and sending prom goers there for boutonnieres and corsages. If you're looking into an ice sculpture, see if you can't go through a wedding supply store by sending guys to them for tuxes.

If you are limited locally, or find merchants are not willing to strike a deal, here is also a brief list of companies that sell prom supplies:

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Prom Event Supplies and Buying Tips