Punk Clothing Shopping and Styles

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Beginning as a counterculture movement in the 1970s, punk clothing has become an enduring fashion statement. Today, the styles that are available may vary. But the inherent rebellious spirit of the this genre of dress still comes through loud and clear and can be found as close as your computer, nearest thrift shop or mall.

Where to Shop

Considering the punk DIY ideal, one of the best places to start building a punk style is your own closet and local thrift shops. The addition of rips and safety pins can turn even the most ordinary shirts and pants into punk clothing. There are also several online retailers focusing on punk needs:

Hot Top

Hot Topic offers a modern take on punk clothing. Here, both girls and boys will find skinny jeans in myriad colors, as well as shoes and accessories. Moreover, those looking to stay within a budget might particularly enjoy the clearance section of the site, as several products, from headbands to T-shirts, can be found there at reasonable prices.


Too Fast

Once you have selected a few key pieces, you'll need just the right accessories to complete your outfit, and that's where Too Fast clothing comes in handy. Specializing in jewelry, shoes and unique novelty items, the site offers must-have items from a variety of clothing labels. You'll also find an entire section devoted to swimsuits, so even if you are spending the day at the beach, you won't have to leave your personal style at home.


Sourpuss offers everything you need to build a punk wardrobe from the ground up. Whether you are in need of polos, tanks, jeans, or even dresses, you'll love the wide collection offered here. Additionally, you'll find T-shirts, many of which are licensed from the original designers, available for purchase.

Infectious Threads

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Infectious Threads is a very good site for teen boys to visit because the clothing offered is of a true punk nature: shorts that look great with chain belts and skinny pants with pins and patches. However, in the girls section, the clothing mixes the gothic look with punk look, so many of the available items are quite seductive in nature. That said, girls can still find T-shirts and tanks that are more punk oriented.

Red Haze

Red Haze hails from the United Kingdom, the birthplace of the punk look and movement, so if you are searching for truly authentic styles, then this clothing store is your best bet. You'll love this site for its spike collars, mechanic work shirts, and wildly colorful and striped leggings.

Slash 'N Burn

At Slash 'N Burn, the clothing takes a decided turn towards the adult with styles that are provocative and suggestive, so older teens might find more to be interested in than younger teens. However, items like costumes still make this a shopping site worth visiting for all ages.

Elements of Punk Clothing

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Plan to include the following punk elements in your wardrobe:

  • T-shirts featuring punk bands are a punk clothing staple.
  • Slightly baggy work pants, like those from the Dickies brand, are more popular than jeans.
  • Some followers of punk style prefer black leather for pants and jackets.
  • Plaid and stripes are popular patterns in punk accessories.
  • Common punk symbols include skulls, anarchy symbols, and the British flag, reflecting the style's UK roots.
  • Deconstruction and DIY are common elements in punk clothing, so fashions may feature rips, patches, and pinned-together areas.
  • Silver chains, zippers, studs, spikes, and safety pins accent clothing and are used as jewelry.
  • There is some overlap with gothic fashion, including a preponderance of black clothing. However, punk lacks the romanticism of much gothic wear.
  • Shoes worn with punk clothing include combat boots, skate shoes, and Chuck Taylor All-Stars.
  • Even within punk culture, there are numerous divisions. If you consider yourself a skate punk, you'll have a different sense of style than a follower of pop punk.

Personal Creativity

No matter which site you eventually purchase your clothing at, keep in mind that dressing punk is all about your attitude and personal creativity. Homemade additions are welcomed on the punk scene because this style of clothing was born out of people literally having to use clothing pins in order to hold their threads together.

In light of this fact, don't be afraid to experiment by cutting your own T-shirts up and decorating them. Even using something as simple as glue and glitter will work well. Let your innate creativity shine, and couple it with a few of the key items you bought. Get ready to debut a look that is truly unique.

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Punk Clothing Shopping and Styles