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Wondering how to ask out that special someone for Homecoming? Not sure how to get your campaign up and running for Homecoming King or Queen? The Teen Team is here to help!


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I ran for homecoming last year, but now my little sister is running and I don't have ideas for her to use. My ideas never worked, but then again I didn't try. What should she do? Any ideas? ~~ Jessenia

Advice from Melissa

Hi Jessenia:

I can't tell whether you are asking for ideas for your sister regarding a campaign theme for homecoming (in some schools, you have to give speeches and create themes as to why you should be selected) or if you are asking for ideas for fashion/or how to handle the whole homecoming process (spirit week, what to wear, etc). My guess is that you are asking about the campaign theme and speech part. If that is the case, I vote in favor of suggesting to your sister that she keep things lighthearted, funny, self-deprecating, and unique. It should be your sister's campaign though, not yours -- what she wants to say, and what is her comfort zone. You really just need to support the fact that she is running, encourage her to do her best, and don't put a lot of emphasis on winning. One tip, acting fake and syrupy just to get homecoming votes is pathetic. Always be true to your inner voice.


Advice from Katie

Hi Jessenia:

If it helps you at all, the boy who won Homecoming King at my school this year made a campaign video that involved him smelling his own armpits. Tell your sister not to take it too seriously. The earnest-ness level should be at an all time low here since homecoming should be a silly thing, anyway.


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Questions About Homecoming