Scholarship Programs for Catholic High School

Scholarships are available for attending a Catholic high school

It can be a challenge for families to afford a Catholic high school, especially with costs ranging into the thousands of dollars per year. Here are some ideas on how to find scholarships, financial aid, and grants for high school students.

Local Resources for Scholarship Options for Catholic High Schools

A scholarship or financial aid opportunity might come in your local community and this is a good place to start. Here are some resources to check out close to home:

  • Ask the school administrators: Many schools offer discounts to families who are practicing Catholics. There may also be financial aid opportunities for families who put in a written request and plead their case.
  • Talk to your local church diocese: If your church is in the same county as the high school, there may be options for scholarships.
  • Contact alumni organizations of the high school: Ask if the Catholic high school has a fund raising program with former students that apply to scholarships. Encourage schools to start programs like these so more opportunities are available.
  • Search for statewide resources: Many states will offer scholarship programs to residents who want to attend a private high school.

National Resources for Catholic High School Scholarships

Many families search for national resources for scholarship and grant programs. Here are a few to check out for both Catholic and private high schools:

Succeeding in High School and Beyond

Even though the cost might be intimidating to attend a Catholic high school, the experience can be worth it for a good education that sets up students to succeed in college and beyond. Finding scholarship programs can help make the school a more affordable and realistic choice for families.

Catholic School Scholarships

If scholarship programs for Catholic high schools are unavailable, encourage teens to put in a solid effort at public schools or another alternative schools. Keeping up good grades at any school can lead to college scholarships, which will help out immensely down the line.

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Scholarship Programs for Catholic High School