Grunge Fashion Styles

Grunge fashion first became popular in 1992. Rather than being a "fashion" look, it can be considered more of an anti-fashion statement. Grunge is a combination of punk style and outdoor wear. Fans of this type of clothing started adding outdoor clothing for practical reasons; the weather in the Pacific Northwest can be very cold and items like plaid lumberjack shirts were favored by fans because they are warm. This look continues to be popular with teens.

Dark Colors

The grunge fashion look is all about dark colors. Hooded sweatshirts and t-shirts form part of this look.

Plaid Shirts

One of the key pieces you will want to have for a grunge look is a plaid shirt. To look more authentic wear a flannel shirt in a plaid pattern.

Stone Washed Jeans

Add a pair of stonewashed jeans when you are putting a grunge fashion look together. No new blue jeans allowed!

Plaid Shorts re Grunge Fashion

If you don't want to wear jeans, you can choose plaid shorts for your grunge fashion look. Another option is to wear a plaid kilt.

Plaid Hoodie

Put on a plaid hoodie to keep warm and add to your grunge look. Don't hesitate to wear multiple layers when you decide to go grunge. It adds to the overall effect.

Doc Martens Boots

If you want to go grunge, you need the right footwear. Many fans of this clothing style choose to wear Doc Martens boots, which have become associated with the grunge style of dressing.

High Top Sneakers

If you want another option for footwear to go with your grunge fashion look, you can wear high top sneakers. Red, black, forest green, and indigo are popular colors for this look. Many average teens like the comfort and warmth of grunge fashions.

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Grunge Fashion Styles