Average Teens Show Unique Traits

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The term average teen means just that; teens come in all different shapes and sizes and each one is considered "average".

While it's true, especially if one reads teen magazines out there, that many believe that they should have a certain "look", this couldn't be farther from the truth.

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Taking a Stand


Average teens everywhere know when it's time to take a stand and be different.

Here, that difference shines via hair and jewelry.

Average Teen? Color Me Gorgeous


Is there anything more beautiful than an average teen that walks to their own beat? We don't think so either!

So if your hair is red, purple, pink or brown, let it show.

One With Nature


Not all kids crave the big lights and big city, and that's perfectly okay.

What's really important is being comfortable in your own skin and loving it where you're at.

Diversity Rules


Teens today know that diversity is one of the most satisfying factors of life today.

What could be better than sharing ideas and conversing with those that are different from us?

Love Me As I Am


Whether its gray lipstick, smoky eyes, or eye-catching stripes, perhaps this generation's motto should be, "Love Me as I Am…Or Else!"

Friendship Rules


Friendship is one of the best aspects of today's universe, as these teens clearly show, getting along with others is of paramount importance.

Pretty in Pink


Today, no one has to look a certain way. If pretty in pink is your thing, say it loud with color.

Unparallel Beauty- In and Out


Not only do teenagers come in all different sizes and shapes, but they also look equally at home in a hoodie and glam makeup.

Time to Unite!


With your generation's amazing ability to socialize, stay connected, and share ideas, there's really only one thing left to do- unite!

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Average Teens Show Unique Traits