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Golden Girl

Ghetto prom outfits sounds like a derogatory term, but in our ever changing times, perhaps it's not.

If "ghetto" is complimentary in your particular environment, consider these tips for putting together the perfect outfit.

  • Substitute the term "ghetto" for urban; this will give you a larger canvas to work with.
  • Be creative. Those in the ghetto don't have much, so consider making your outfit, instead of purchasing it.
  • Finally wear all your jewelry at the same time.

What may be considered gauche in some circles, is sometimes just "ghetto fabulous".

Arrive in Style

Nothing says ghetto fabulous like arriving for the big night in style.

Even better? Leaving the boys at home and heading out with your favorite girl friends. This way, when you do finally arrive, all eyes will be on you.

What's more alluring than seeing a bunch of gorgeous ladies all dolled up? That's right. Nothing.

Gorgeous Me

Speaking of flying solo, check out this short, hot number. It's sparkly and shiny and it hugs the body in all the right places.

If you wear a dress like this, you'll want to take a solo picture too!

Flowers in Hair

Maybe you can't afford a tiara, or maybe you just think they are so yester-year.

Whatever the reason, flowers, or in this case foliage, can strike the right cord of wild-child and come-hither seduction!

Ghetto Prom Outfits: Guy Style!

Who says that guys can't be ghetto fabulous?

You can toe the line in a great tux and still give off that "dangerous vibe"…just don't shave!

Double Trouble

If the story of Bonnie and Clyde makes you swoon, consider making a fashion statement for two.

Both of these individuals are rocking their ghetto looks with supreme confidence, and so can you.

Emo Forever

Emo looks can work at the prom as well. This look will certainly raise more than a few eyebrows, but after all, it is your night.

Make it so all the more by staying true to your personality.

Retro Glamour

No matter the date on the calendar, some retro looks are always in style.

If this look speaks to you the most, consider talking a few of your girlfriends into doing it.

This way, the outfit works more as a theme, and you and your friends will channel that Titanic glamour.

Sugar and Spice

Nothing says sugar and spice like a sheer look (oh- so feminine) and jagged lines (don't come any closer!).

Love this look for its excellent representation of all things feminine mystique!

Step into my Parlor…

Talk about boudoir chic! Ravishing red kicks everything up a notch, and while it takes a ton of personality to pull of such a dramatic color, if it's in your nature, go for it!

This is your night, so if you love the look of skin showing prom dresses, go for it!

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Ghetto Prom Outfits Gallery