Teenage Boys' Gallery of Fashion Styles

Teenage Boy Gallery Style Guide


As a teenager, you are searching for your own identity; this teenage boy gallery can help you by showing you different styles of fashion. Your style of clothing says a lot about who you are and how you want people to perceive you. The following images are some common styles teens are wearing. Choose a style that's comfortable and reflects your personality.

The Preppy Look


Do you like his sense of style? If so, you probably like the preppy look. Along with polo shirts and khaki shorts, the preppy style include button-down shirts and khaki pants, dress pants or nice jeans.

The Skater Look


You don't have to be a skateboarder to wear this style of clothing. Skaters enjoy being comfortable and wearing clothes that give them the freedom to move. Worn out jeans with a white t-shirt is common with this style. Don't forget your hat and skate sneakers to complement your outfit.

The Rebel


Are you a rebel? Do you enjoy intimidating people? If so, you might consider a rugged camouflage look like the one in this picture. You can also wear t-shirts with skull images or shocking sayings with a pair of jeans.

Athletic Apparel


Athletes usually like to wear comfortable clothing during games as well as throughout the day. It keeps their minds focused on the activities they will take part later in the day. If you like the athletic look, consider wearing jerseys or t-shirts with basketball shorts.

Gothic Style


Are you attracted to the gothic style? Dressing goth means wearing dark colors such as black, dark purple, and dark red. You may choose to dye your hair to match your wardrobe or a contrasting color such as the one in the image.

Emo Fashion


This teen is wearing an example of emo fashion. Boys usually wear tight black jeans, studded belt buckles, skate shoes, and black t-shirts or ones with images of emo bands. Emo fashion also includes having straight hair, dyed black with long bangs that fall over one or both eyes.

Looking Casual


If you are an easygoing teen that doesn't really care about fashion, you are probably happy with wearing a t-shirt and jeans. This casual look lets people know that you are friendly and approachable.

Dressing Hip Hop


Do you enjoy hip hop music or just the style of clothing? People who dance hip hop want clothing that is comfortable, stylish and easy to move in, so they usually wear bigger than their size pants and shirts or jerseys.

Creating Your Own Style


When choosing a style, don't feel that you need to adopt one look and follow it exactly. You can create your own unique look by taking what you like from several different styles.

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Teenage Boys' Gallery of Fashion Styles