Starting Social Clubs for Teens

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If you're looking for a way to make new friends in high school, consider joining a social club. These groups focus on a specific activity, such as French, drama, scrapbooking, and saving the local environment. It's also easy to start your own club. These clubs can make an otherwise boring school semester practically fly by!

The Evolution of Social Clubs

Social clubs have become more diverse over the last several decades. When your parents were in school, they probably didn't have many clubs to choose from. Teens today can enjoy many extracurricular clubs that do everything from working with local town boards on environmental issues to taking sports photographs for local newspapers. They can focus on almost any activity that teens are interested in. The level of your involvement can be as little or as much as you want.

Teens today are more active in their communities than ever before. A social club may be dedicated to adopting a grandparent at a local nursing home or doing volunteer work at a local animal humane shelter. The scope of your club projects can be as big or small as the members' desire.

How to Start a Club

What do you do if you want to start a social club? Hopefully you have a solid idea about the type of club you want to start, such as photography, mystery books, or even knitting. The next step is to approach a teacher who has a similar interest or ask the main office if you can post a help wanted sign in the teacher's lounge. Usually in order to hold a meeting on school property, a faculty member must agree to be present at your meetings. Once you have an adult who agrees to help you, you'll be off and running!

Recruiting Members

Now that you have the beginnings of a great club, how do you recruit new members for it? One of the best ways is to make interesting invitations to pass out. The invitations can either be simple or elaborate, depending on how much time you have to devote to the task. For example, an invitation for a knitting club could be decorated or tied closed with a piece of yarn. A photography club invitation could be written on the back of a photograph of your school. Use your imagination to create an invitation that will entice new members to find out what your club is all about. Don't forget to include important information on your invitation such as the following:

  • Meeting date
  • Meeting time
  • Location
  • What to bring, such as a camera and film

Meeting Plans

At your first meeting, the group will need to decide if you want a group leader and what tasks to assign, if any. Some social clubs will need to write letters or make contacts outside of the meetings, such as calling up a local humane shelter to find out how and when they can volunteer. A club that focuses on scrapbooking or knitting may be able to function well as long as the members bring along the supplies they need to each meeting.The success of social clubs largely depends on the interest of the members. If the club isn't active or is disorganized, members may choose to leave the group. At the end of each meeting be sure to assign tasks and make a plan for the next meeting. If the members feel they are working together towards an important common goal, they will be more likely to remain members.

Join in the Fun!

Now that you have an idea of what a social club is, get out there and join one! Belonging to social clubs is more fun than sitting on your couch and watching endless hours of television. And don't forget, club membership also looks great on your college applications.

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Starting Social Clubs for Teens