Spring Break Fun for Teens

Teen friends enjoying the beach.

Every teenager has ideas on what makes spring break fun. Generally, everyone would love to have a nice long break from school to relax. What do teens do when they are on spring break? The answers may surprise you!

Family Vacations

In the wake of the Natalee Holloway case in Aruba, more parents of teens are opting to take family vacations. While this may not be the ideal spring break that every teen imagines, it may become a fun family tradition. Parents may even take vacations with other families with teens so that the kids can hang around together when they aren't participating in planned activities.

Many travel agencies are now specializing in adventure-themed family vacations, designed to entertain even the most difficult to please teen. Some of these vacations include:

  • Horse Pack Trips and Trail Rides
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Scuba Diving
  • Safaris
  • Dude and Guest Ranches
  • Hiking and Trekking Tours
  • Railway and Train Tours

These are just some of the many vacations that you can take your teen on. If you're tired of sitting on a beach and watching the waves roll in each year, try one of these weeklong adventure tours!

Alternative Teen Spring Breaks

While many adults think the typical teen just sits around on spring break staring at the television and hanging with their friends, there are many more teens getting involved in their own communities, or helping others in need. Many teens that work in these specialized programs wish their breaks could be a little longer so they could finish the projects that others have started. The following is a small sampling of the great things teens can do to help.

  • Habitat for Humanity - students can work locally to help Habitat for Humanity
  • Global Village Youth Program - youth ages 14 to 25 can travel around the world building with Habitat for Humanity
  • Volunteer Match - search and find organizations in your area that would like to have teen volunteers
  • Alternative Breaks - teens can work in a variety of ways throughout the United States. Examples include tutoring migrant workers, working with the homeless, building homes and registering voters in rural areas.
  • Service Expeditions - is definitely not your typical spring break. Teen service expeditions offer assistance to those in need in Costa Rica.

Traditional Spring Break Fun

There are still plenty of places for teens to experience spring break fun in the traditional way. What makes a memorable spring break for many teens is from stories of the perfect sandy beach and days filled with fun in the sun. While it is fun to get away from an annoying younger brother or sister, spring break getaways can be dangerous. There are many unscrupulous drinking establishments and teen spring break tours allowing teens to drink, even when they are underage. When you combine drinking alcohol with heat and humidity, it can lead to disaster.

Spring Break Safety

Before you book a spring break tour, check out the following sites that offer information on teens traveling alone and safe tours for teens:

Before You Go

Remember, not every country does things the same way as your home country does. Teens are still responsible for their behavior, whether they are traveling in their own country or in another. While it is rare, a student arrested or detained for disobeying local laws or for carrying contraband does happen. It is also important to check out different countries for safety before traveling. Civil unrest can quickly disrupt travel plans and place people in danger. The following sites offer information to people traveling abroad:

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Spring Break Fun for Teens