Summer Youth Employment Programs and Job Ideas

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Summer youth employment programs are a great way for teenagers to get summer jobs. Having a job as a teenager helps build responsibility and helps teach teenagers how to make and manage money. If you are a teenager who is interested in working part-time over the summer, and maybe even throughout the whole school year, then there are many different ways you can find a person or company to hire you. Some places to look include online job websites, in newspaper advertisements and asking local businesses if you could have a job application. Having a job as a teenager can help you afford things you would not normally be able to buy, such as a car, cell phone, or other expensive electronic devices. Youth employment programs help teens find jobs for the summer months that might even turn into year-round jobs if the teen takes the job seriously.

Good Jobs for Teenagers

If you are a teenager who is looking for work, you might not be sure what kind of job that you want to do, or would be old enough to do. There are a lot of different jobs that can be done by teenagers, especially if you are an older teen that has a car. In the summer, many water parks and golf courses will hire teenagers to do jobs such as being a lifeguard or landscaping. Some jobs that you could probably find as a teenager are:

  • Retail work. Many clothing stores at malls or shopping outlets will hire teens to restock shelves, help customers, or work behind the counter at the cash register.
  • Jobs in restaurants. Many fast food and sit-down restaurants will hire teenagers to work part-time, especially if they are having a hard time finding adults to work for them. Teens who work at a restaurant probably will not be doing much cooking, but they can expect to serve customers or clean equipment or bathrooms quite a bit.
  • Landscaping or yard work. A lot of teenagers already help with landscaping at home, so why not get paid for it? Landscaping companies, or somewhere such as a golf course where a lot of landscaping is needed, will hire teens over the summer.
  • Babysitting or petsitting. If all else fails, most teens can get a job babysitting a friend, family member, or neighbor's children or pets. While this job may not pay as much as a job at a store or restaurant, there are many more opportunities to babysit than there are to get hired on somewhere.

If you are a creative teenager, you can probably even start your own business. While you will have to think of something to sell and how to sell it, owning your own business can be a great thing for teenagers, since you can set your own hours for work. You may have an ability to take good pictures, draw, play music, or posses some other artistic skill as well. If this is the case, then you might be able to base your self-run business on that particular skill.

How to Find Summer Youth Employment Programs

When looking for summer youth employment programs in your area, you might not be sure exactly where to start. The Internet is always a great resource for finding information on just about anything, so doing a simple search on Google or Yahoo might be the ideal place to begin. Some good places to look for a youth employment program are:

  • Online
  • In your local or school newspaper
  • Ask your school counselor or a teacher
  • Check bulletin boards around your town for advertisements
  • Local television commercials

Working for the summer is a great way to build character, and you'll earn money and learn new skills in the process.

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Summer Youth Employment Programs and Job Ideas