Where to Find the Sweetest Poems for a Best Friend


There is a saying that a true friend is forever and you can find the sweetest poems for best friend that really matter.

What is a Best Friend?

Everyone has a special friend who deserves such an honor as being a "best friend." This is the person who is always there for you, who loves you, and who will stand by your side even in the darkest of times. Most people have a person they can count on to be there for them and this person is usually their best friend. Some people also have multiple best friends, but usually not too many. Best friends share secrets, share their dreams, and enjoy hanging out together.

A best friend is almost like a boyfriend or girlfriend, but they are something even better. A real best friend won't ever leave you and will accept you exactly as you are. Many girls have guy best friends and vice versa, but a best friend is someone who tends to stick around, whereas you never know with dating what will happen between two people. When you need a shoulder to cry on, you can usually be able to count on your best friend.

Sweetest Poems for Best Friend

There are many different types of poetry and as you explore the poems about friendship these poems help you express your own feelings. From the great classics like Shakespeare to writers who remain anonymous, sweetest poems for best friend are plentiful.

Write Your Own Poems

Poetry has many styles, from haiku to sonnets, and it's fun to learn about each one. Try writing out your own poems as a gift to your best friend forever. Here are some of the styles you might use for writing friendship or love poems.


A haiku is a short poem that can be written in a manner of minutes. In this style, you have only three lines. The first and third lines are five syllables and the second line is seven syllables. A friendship haiku example might be:

We are friends today.

Sharing adventures in life.

Forever as one.

Other examples online include:


Most people have read Shakespeare poems, but did you know that many of his poems about friendships are called sonnets? A sonnet is a 14-line rhyming poem written is what is called "iambic pentameter." That means that each line of poetry is ten symbols with stressed and unstressed words. Shakespearean poetry is meant to be read out loud as it has a musical kind of rhythm. Check these friendship sonnets out:

Best Friends Forever

Best friends choose each other for a reason. Whether you're like soul mates, total opposites, or constantly quoting each other, when you find your best friend, you've usually got a friend for life.

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Where to Find the Sweetest Poems for a Best Friend