Teen Gift Card Ideas

Marcelina Hardy, MSEd, BCC
Teen gift cards

Teen gift cards are great when you don't know what to buy. They give the receiver the option to buy whatever he or she wants, which means you know that your money went to something he or she will truly enjoy.

Why Buy Teen Gift Cards

Have you ever bought a teenager a gift only to never see it again? It's probably because he or she really didn't like it or had no need for it. Not only does this hurt your feelings, but it's also not money well spent. This is why people everywhere are turning to teen gift cards instead of buying an item.

The Benefit of Gift Cards Over Cash

When considering a present for a teenager, you may think of just giving him or her cash. However, with cash, the teen can buy something that you may not necessarily be proud of. With a gift card, you know where the recipient is using it and have some idea of what he or she will buy.

How to Know Where to Buy

While you may have solved the problem of buying something a teenager may not want, you still need to decide where you will buy the gift card. You can buy one at just about any store. You can even send one online to the teen's email address from many websites. So how do you decide where to buy the gift card? Follow these suggestions to make a decision:

  • Favorite store

Ask the teen where he or she normally shops for clothes.

  • Variety store

You may want to purchase one from a store that has a variety of things, which means there's just bound to be something the teen will want to buy.

  • Hobby or craft store

If you know what the teenager is interested in, you can then go to a store or website that has items he or she can use, especially if it's a hobby the teen has to replenish supplies regularly for.

  • Music or DVD store

Most teens love some type of music and watch movies; so you know you can't go wrong with a music or DVD store.

  • Bookstore

Some bookstores not only have books, but music, DVDs, journals, magazines and many other things that would interest a teenager.

  • Mall

If you aren't sure which stores in the mall the teen shops at, consider getting a mall card. The teenager will be able to use it at any store!

Buying Online

Most of the stores you find in your community have an online presence. Usually, you can purchase a gift card from the site that can either be sent to the teen via postal mail or email. When deciding if you should send it postal mail or email, keep the following in mind:

  • Shipping charges

If you choose to send an email, the recipient will have to use it online. This means the teen may have to pay shipping, which cuts into how much he or she can spend. In addition, the teen has to stay within the limit of the gift card or use a parent's credit card.

  • Greeting card

Unless the website offers greeting cards, your gift card will arrive by itself in a regular envelope. This may not be what you had in mind when sending a birthday, graduation, or Christmas present.

How Much Should You Spend

The amount you put on the gift card depends on what you want to give. While it may seem like you need to spend more on a card rather than on an item because the person will know exactly how much you spent, consider that at least you are giving the teen something he or she will use, which means your money is better spent.

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Teen Gift Card Ideas