Teen Lesbian Websites

Teen girl friends.

Teen lesbian websites offer a place for young people to get information on their lifestyle and oftentimes a safe place to chat in moderated forums. Whether you are looking for more information on coming out, transgender issues or even depression, these sites offer support and more.

Popular Teen Lesbian Websites

Gay Issues Websites

The following websites contain lots of information for gay teens on a variety of issues. Registration is not required unless you wish to participate in forums or blogs on the sites.

  • Advocate - if you want to know more about entertainment, political and legislative news regarding the gay community, this is the premier site to visit. Sign up for their newsletter or RSS feed to keep updated.
  • Gay - news website the covers everything from travel to enjoying the holidays in style. Registered members can browse personals and use the chat features.


The following selected websites have a cool selection of books, music and videos for the gay community. Membership to these sites is not required in order to browse on them.

  • PlanetOut - you'll find everything newsworthy plus it has categories on movies, television and music. Find out what is popular on DVD and the Indies here.

Just for the Girls

These sites are dedicated to gay women and address many important issues as well as entertainment and all things fun.

  • Les Femmes Café - offers horoscopes, astrological readings, cyber greeting cards, humor and dating.

Lesbian Support Groups

There are many sites that are dedicated to health and support issues that affect the gay community. The following represent the most popular sites:

  • The Trevor Project - a toll free suicide prevention hotline for GLBT teens. Also offers educational tools for parents and educators.

Internet Safety

While all of the above teen lesbian websites were checked for content, surfing the web can still be dangerous. Be careful when giving out information to join sites, forums and blogs. Use nicknames or made up screen names to protect your identity from strangers. Never give out specific information such as your home address, phone number, the school you attend or school groups that you belong to. Avoid personal chat rooms with people you don't know personally since you never know whom you are really talking to. If someone becomes abusive or wants to know too much about you, all you have to do is close the chat room and leave the site. You are always in control on the Internet, not the person bullying you.

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Teen Lesbian Websites