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Reading a good book

Teen online reading is a great way to keep your mind occupied and your skills sharp, especially during the long hot summer months. Come join the fun!

Teen Online Reading: A Great Journey!

Reading used to be a solitary activity, one that included long trips to the library, talking to old ladies in reading glasses, and then ambling home with your load of books.

Boy have times changed! Now, instead of trekking to your local library, you can find great books online, make friends via the Internet, and have a plethora of books delivered to your front door. Let's take a look at some online reading sites to help get you started!


BookLoons has a great name and a great site. BookLoons has everything you could possibly need for your reading adventure. On their homepage they offer excerpts from popular books, relevant book reviews, and columns like What's in a Review.

In their Shelves category, you can take a virtual tour of the

  • Classics
  • Fantasy
  • Kids
  • Sci-Fi
  • Travel
  • Contemporary
  • Historical
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Teens

In each category, you'll find a list of books with a brief description and an icon rating of one to five books letting you know how good of a read a particular book really is. They also feature a category filled with contests you can participate in, and hopefully, win!

A Final Word

If you thought joining a teen online reading club would be a huge snore, you'll be in for a real treat. Where else can you browse cheekily entitled categories like Queer Lit and the like?More so, joining a teen online reading club gives you the opportunity to share your ideas, stories, and likes and dislikes with a receptive audience that more often than not, will understand where you are coming from. Now that's worth its weight in gold!

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Where Teens Can Read Online