Teen Short Shorts Style Tips


Teen short shorts are a popular clothing item found in most teenager's closets. Teenage girls especially like to wear shorter shorts. These shorts can be found in many different lengths, styles, and colors.

Denim Shorts


Denim shorts are durable and practical for everyday wear. Old pairs of jeans that might have holes in the knees or are wearing down at the bottoms can also be made into cut-off denim shorts.

Styles of Teen Short Shorts


There are many different types of shorts for both teenage girls and boys. Plaid shorts, khaki shorts and denim shorts are some of the most popular shorts for both teenagers and adults.

Shorts for Boys


Teenage guys probably will not want to go as short as girls when they are buying their shorts for the summer, but there are lots of longer styles available for boys.

Plaid Shorts


One of the more popular patterns for both shorts and tops is plaid. Plaid comes in many different colors, and matches most plain colored tops.

Teen Short Shorts Are Versatile


No matter what a teen's individual style is, there is a pair of shorts out there for her. If she likes sports, there are many lightweight shorts available, as well as durable denim shorts for more rugged activities.

Shorts Are Good for Athletes


Athletes will want to wear shorts during hotter weather, so that they do not get overheated while they are practicing or competing in their sport of choice.

Summertime is Perfect for Shorts


Summertime brings hotter weather, as well as more time for teenagers to spend outside, since school is not in session. Shorts and skirts are popular summertime attire for teenagers.

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Teen Short Shorts Style Tips