Teenage Boys' Hormones

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Adolescence is a time when bodies go through a lot of changes and teenage males hormones can rage out of control. Some teens seem to experience more problems with getting their emotions under control at this time than others. You may wonder what changes your body might go through during adolescence and what you can expect.

First Signs of Teenage Boys Hormones

As boys head into puberty, testosterone production increases. The increase of this male hormone in the boy's body may result in some of the following initial signs:

  • Pubic hair
  • Underarm hair
  • Beginning a growth spurt
  • Increase in testicle size

Boys start puberty at different ages, but most commonly this occurs between 11 to 13 years of age. Each boy has a different internal clock that tells his body when to begin producing more testosterone, so don't worry if you start puberty a little earlier or even a little later than other boys your age.

Side Effects of Increased Hormones in Teen Males

The increased testosterone in the body has many effects on young males.


The increase in hormone levels also causes the oil glands to work more. This can result in acne, which afflicts most teens, both male and female.

Mood Swings

The increased levels of mood swings in a teenager boy's body can make the emotions rage out of control at times. Teens might go from feeling sad to feeling happy with little explanation for the change. Some mood variation is normal and will abate when the hormones level out. However, extreme mood swings may be a signal that counseling or medical treatment should be sought.

Voice Change

The increase in testosterone also begins to create changes in the voice box. This initially appears with the voice cracking and sounding a bit hoarse and eventually results in a deeper, male voice.

Body Odor

One result of increased hormones is the appearance of body odor. Teen boys often have strong body odor and require clinical strength deodorant to relieve these symptoms. Once puberty is complete, most will be able to switch back to regular deodorant, as some of the symptoms will lessen as the hormone levels even out. While body odor will remain when working out or sweating, it is not as likely to be quite so pungent.

Facial Hair

Another sign of increased testosterone is the appearance of facial hair. This is sometimes called "peach fuzz" early on as it will be very sparse and fine. As the teen begins to shave and progresses through the stages of male puberty, this hair will grow darker and coarser.

How Long Does Puberty Last In Teenage Males?

The average length of puberty is from two to two and half a years long. After this time, the male body is typically fully developed and the hormones will even out to a steady production of testosterone throughout the remainder of the male's lifespan. If you are a teen boy, or know one, whose emotions seem out of control because of the increase in hormones, the side effects of puberty should pass and eventually emotions will even out.

Natural Puberty

In very rare cases, teens may need an injection or two of testosterone to get the process of puberty started. This is an option that should be discussed with your doctor only if you are an older teen and not yet showing any signs of starting puberty. It is best to let the body begin producing teenage boys hormones on its own, whenever possible.

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Teenage Boys' Hormones