Teenage Break Up Poems

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Believe it or not, writing teenage break up poems may help teens work through what feels like a heartbreaking experience.

Young Love

Way before Romeo and Juliet immortalized young love, there were plenty of teen couples who thought they'd be in love forever. The same holds true today. While most teen relationships don't last through high school (or football season), during the relationship, teenage boys and girls may feel that they've found their true love or soul mate. When they break up, however, their emotions are just as strong.

Examples of Teenage Break Up Poems

It's best for teens to explore their own feelings and use their words when crafting poems. You don't have to be the best English student, either. All you need to do is sit down and begin writing.

Angry Poems

A break up poem that's written by someone who feels he/she was dumped may contain lots of angry words and emotions, such as:

Cruel Love

I gave you my heart
And you crushed it in your hands
I gave you my love
And you stomped on it
Like glass
Watching it break beneath your feet
What kind of person
Could be so cruel
And heartless
And mean
I guess you


I used to love you
Now I hate you
You left me with bitterness inside
You didn't care about
All the nights I cried
Out there all happy
Not caring about
And how I'm feeling

Melancholy Poems

Teens may also turn their sadness into poetry. Sad poems will reflect the writer's melancholy. Examples can include:


I loved you for five months
Two weeks
And three days
And now you're gone away from me
I've cried tears of sadness
And pain
Hoping that you'd come back to me
Why won't you come back to me?

Crumbled Dreams

I wish I'd never seen your face
Won't someone fill this empty space
I wish I'd never heard your voice
Or seen your smile
Or held your hand
We'll never laugh together
Like we did
Or twirl and whirl and reach the dizzy sky
Not since you said good-bye
How I wish we'd never had such fun
Because now the world is doubly sad
Since my wishes crumbled
Around me like so much sand

Room of Pain

Was the sky blue today
Did the birds sing
I wouldn't know
I'm sitting in my own cloud of rain
My own room of pain
Where no sun shines bright
It's always night
Since you left

Poems Full of Confusion

For a teen who didn't see the breakup coming, it can be a confusing time full of questions, which may lead to poetry like:


I thought we were so happy
You and I
Maybe it was just me
Living happily
While you were
Being sad
What did I do
What did I say
Could I do it again
Some other way
Or is this break
Just the way things are
To be


Just when I thought I'd found The One
Turns out I was wrong
Full of sadness
And puzzlement
And fear
Do I put myself out there
Or do I hide inside
Never to reveal
What's in my heart
Lest it's torn in two

Using Poems to Break Up

Some creative types may decide they'd like to break up via a poem. This can backfire as well as make the poem recipient angry and bitter. Whenever possible, it's best to break up in person and have sensible reasons for doing so. Breaking up with someone via a letter, e-mail, social networking site or poem can seem cowardly and mean.

Exploring Your Creativity

Whether or not you decide to show your poems to anyone, what's important is putting down your true feelings on paper. Being a teen is a wonderful time to explore your creativity when it comes to different art forms, including writing. You may be crafting teenage break up poems now, but before you know it, you may feel inspired to write love poems instead.

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Teenage Break Up Poems