Teenage Diet Plan Advice and Tips

A weight obsessed teen.

Teenage diet plans aren't for everyone. The average teen doesn't need to diet; they need to eat healthy food and engage in moderate exercise to maintain a great physique.

No Magic Bullet

The truth be told, there is no magic bullet for losing weight. The right diet and moderate exercise often bring people within the acceptable weight range for their age and height. Many people diet their entire lives and never find the magic formula for weight loss. Often the search for the perfect diet plan begins when the person is a tween or even younger.

Diet Dangers

Any teenage diet plan can be fraught with danger, especially if the teen has a medical reason "not" to diet. The media has been able to shed light on dieting dangers, mainly due to Hollywood actors and actresses suffering from dieting tragedies. Anorexia and bulimia can affect both men and women and they often hit young adults the hardest.

Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia can result when a teenage diet plan goes entirely off track. Encouraged by their weight loss, teens in a fragile mental state can take the dieting too far. It is not unusual for anorexics to feel that the only thing they have control over is their diet, even if it is killing them. Unlike bulimics, anorexics are actually starving themselves to death. They may also combine the starvation with excessive exercise to burn every calorie that they may have consumed. This disease can be treated, though the journey to recovery can be a long one, prone to relapses.

Bulemia Nervosa

Bulemia is also known to teens as scarf-and-barf. Bulemia is just as detrimental to a young adult as anorexia is, though it may take longer to have a toll on a body. This form of obsessive-compulsive behavior can result in low potassium, which can lead to heart attacks, even in very young people. The disease can also leave the sufferer with life-long problems with their esophagus due to frequent vomiting. It can also cause dental problems from the stomach acid frequently being exposed to the sufferer's teeth. Bulemia can be treated and the success rate is often much greater than those who suffer from anorexia.

A Safe Teens Diet Plan

Should a teenager diet at all? The answer most medical doctors will give you is an emphatic no. People who are still growing need proper nutrition. Without good eating habits the body will not achieve its full growth potential.

Who Should Follow a Teen Diet Plan

Only your doctor should tell you to diet. A doctor can take into consideration all of the things in your medical history and make a determination if you need to lose weight. Very few teens are ever told to diet.

Healthy Lifestyle

Many teens that think they personally should lose weight may be judging themselves too harshly. If you are holding yourself up to some unattainable standard you are sure to fail. Models and actors spend a lot of their time and money hiring nutritionists, personal chefs and trainers to keep their bodies in peak condition. It is also important to point out that many of the photos of famous people are retouched or photo shopped, so the individuals in those pictures appear to be perfect. In reality, they have flaws just like the rest of the population; they just have someone making them look good for the media.

Teens can keep themselves healthy by exercising regularly. Join an after school sport, dance class or martial arts class. There are also many exercise shows on television. If you like solitary and less intense activities consider yoga or Pilates, which also have the added benefit of reducing stress.

Eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies and stay away from vending machines that offer high carbohydrate and sugar filled snacks. If you do have a craving for one of these snacks, limit it to a handful of whatever it is that you crave. A handful of chips or six small chocolates will satisfy your craving without over doing it. Teens can also ask to be more involved in menu planning at home. Offer to cook a few meals a week and check out healthy eating magazines or books in your library. By taking charge of your eating habits at an early age you can avoid the diet treadmill that many people get on, but few get off of.


Teenage Diet Plan Advice and Tips