Teenage Drinking Stories

Teen sick from drinking

When you think of teenage drinking stories, you probably think about the girl who stumbled and fell while accepting her diploma or the guy who streaked around the neighborhood. There are many funny teenage drinking stories, but there are also many tragic stories as well. The legal drinking age in America is 21 years of age. Although states do make their own laws regarding drinking age, The National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 encourages states to stick with the 21 rule or face reduction in highway funds. When you look at this fact, teenage drinking becomes not only dangerous, but illegal as well.

Impaired Judgment Leads to Funny Teenage Drinking Stories

While LoveToKnow Teens urges all young adults to comply with state and federal laws and to refrain from dangerous behaviors, there are a few popular funny teenage drinking stories that are fun to hear. Keep in mind that the impaired judgment of those who drink leads to these crazy actions. Although the stories that follow turned out okay in the end, the teens' actions were dangerous and the stories could have had tragic endings. You'll want to be smarter with your own behavior, of course.

Crotch on Fire

A group of teens were drinking one night. One drunken teen decided it would impress the girl he liked if he set his crotch on fire. The boys doused the front of his pants with lighter fluid and held a lit lighter to the fabric. He went up in flames and was only able to stop the burn by dousing the front of his pants in a fountain.

Pez Mania

Then, there is the girl who woke up at a different friend's house than the one where she started, wearing a pink tutu over her blue jeans and with Pez candy stuffed in all her pockets.

Your friends likely have funny stories they share from time to time as well. Listening to these insane stories can be amusing, but what about the darker side of teen drinking?

Teen Drinking Tragedies

Unfortunately, there is a darker side to teen drinking. When anyone drinks, teen or adult, judgment can be impaired. The more you drink, the worse your judgment often becomes. This means you can make poor decisions, such as getting behind the wheel or a car or riding with a driver who is under the influence. Drinking stories about teens who have died in automobile accidents can help you quickly realize that getting drunk just isn't worth the risk.

The Internet is full of parents sharing the burden of losing a child to this type of senseless event. For example, K. Swanson shares the tragic story of losing her son Jonathan and how she feels family social drinking may have had an impact.

There are also many stories of tragedies that may not kill you, but can impact your life negatively for years to come. While under the influence of alcohol, some teens have chosen to:

  • Commit crimes, such as robbing a convenience store
  • Trespass on private property, such as entering a neighbor's house who is out of town
  • Vandalize school property
  • Become promiscuous, not use protection and get diseases or become pregnant
  • Say hurtful things to friends and family

Where to Turn if You Feel You Have a Drinking Problem

If you feel you might have a problem with drinking, there are many places you can turn to for help. First, you should speak to your parents, school counselor, or other trusted adult about the situation. Those who are older often have wisdom in how to deal with drinking issues and can point you in the right direction. You may also want to look into organizations, such as Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) and the government campaign We Don't Serve Teens. You can also find some real life stories on this site about teenagers and drinking.

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Teenage Drinking Stories