Writing Teenage Drunk Driving Poems

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If you were asked to write teenage drunk driving poems, how would you approach the task? Here are some suggestions to help you write something that is meaningful and speaks from the heart.

Why Write Poems About Drunk Driving

Some people write poems after they have lost a loved one. Their work becomes a way to honor the person's memory. The poem is also a way for the writer to express their grief. They may be feeling sad or angry that the person is no longer with them. Putting their feelings into words helps them to identify and come to terms with what has happened.

Other people will look at writing teenage drunk driving poems as a way to consider the issue in a less personal way. The poem is not about a person they have lost in this way, but rather a method for talking about why drinking and driving is a bad idea for teens.

Gather Some Ideas for the Poem

Before you actually start to write the poem, you will want to spend some time thinking about the subject of teenagers and drunk driving. It may be helpful to sit down with a piece of paper and write down whatever ideas or impressions come to mind when you think about this subject. Since a poem is a creative work, you can write down how you feel about this subject as well.

Choose a Point of View

  • Are you writing the poem from the point of view of a person who has been involved in a drinking-and-driving incident or someone who is observing the action?
  • Do you want to write about a fatal accident, a lucky escape, or another theme?
  • Are you telling a story of something that happened to a character or are you talking about the issue in general terms?
  • Do you want to write about your own feelings about drinking and driving through the poem?

Feelings in the Poem

When you are thinking about the kind of poem you want to write, what kinds of feelings do you want the reader to get from your efforts? You want to tell a story or get some impressions across to the person who is reading what you have written. Hopefully, you can get them to think about this issue in a way that they haven't done before.

If you are a person who has been affected by drinking and driving, you may have a different perspective than someone who hasn't been through that experience. If you are trying to capture what the loss feels like to friends and family members and you don't have any personal experience with losing someone as the result of an accident, try to imagine how you would react to the news if you were in that situation? Would you feel shock and disbelief? Would you feel angry? Would you be looking for someone to blame? All of these are good places to start with your poem.

Examples of Teenage Drunk Driving Poems

There are some great examples of teenage drunk driving poems online. Here is a small sample of what is available:

Drunk Driving Poem: Red Light

Alcohol Alert Web Site

You can use the poems you find online as inspiration for your own work, or go in a completely different direction. This is an issue that can be addressed from a number of perspectives, and there is a lot of material you can draw from when you are writing your own teenage drunk driving poems.

Remember that this is a creative exercise, and there is no right or wrong way to express yourself in poetry. As long as whatever you write down reflects how you feel at that moment, it's valid. Who knows? Your poem may inspire others to either choose not to drink and drive or to stop the behavior.

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Writing Teenage Drunk Driving Poems