Teenage Friendship Poems


Are you looking for teenage friendship poems? During the teen and tween years, friends are often made quickly and can leave even quicker. However, there are often friends that stick around for a long time. In fact, these friends can have the greatest impact on a teen's life, which is why there are so many teenage friendship poems out there!

What Type of Teenage Friendship Poems Are There?

In general, teenage friendship poems talk about a friendship that has had a particular impact on a teen's life. Sometimes, this impact is positive and the poem is honoring the friendship. Other times, the impact is negative and the poem chastises a former friend for his/her mistakes. Teen friendship poetry can often cover any of the following categories:

  • A fun day two friends have had
  • A falling out two teens have had
  • Having someone come between two friends
  • The death of a good friend
  • The end of a friendship
  • How much a given friendship means

Poems about Teenage Friendship

Are you interested in reading a few poems about teens and friends? Here are a few examples for you to read or perhaps to emulate with your own writing:

My Good Friend
I am a lucky teen today
with but one story to tell
I'd like to tell you of my good friend
Her name is Isabelle

She is my friend on good days
and also during the bad.
She and I laugh a lot
and she rarely makes me mad.

We share a lot in common
like shopping and our favorite band.
We even have the same birthday
and both enjoy walking in the sand.

Isabelle is my best friend.
Of this one fact I'm sure.
I hope that we are friends forever
and for always more.

I had a friend but now I don't.
He decided he no longer needed me.
I don't know what I did to him
but he seems unable to forget.
I miss spending hours watching TV
and playing rugby on the weekends.
I don't know how to fix the void he leaves.

I have said I'm sorry once a day
but you do not seem to care.

Each word I say is real and genuine.
But you say it is not fair.

You say I did this to us,
that for this I must now pay.

But I have said I'm sorry
And don't know what is left to say.

I want you as my friend again.
Perhaps there is a way.

Just tell me how to fix this
and I know it'll be a great day.

My Best Friend
I have the greatest friend
She always makes me happy
She knows the best ways to make me smile.
We laugh a lot together
and have a lot of inside jokes.
She is there whenever I need her.
She never forgets to call me back.
She would never put a guy between us.
And she and I value our friendship the same way!

I love my friends, each and every day
I don't know what I would do without them.
To live without them, I don't think there is a way.
No one understands me like them or listens when I a mad.
Not even my parents care the way they do.
They know exactly what to say when I am sad.
My friends--they pick me up and help me out all the time.
And I help them just the same.
We help with whatever is wrong, even if it is at a bad time.
No one else has friends like me, I really am blessed.
All of my best friends, they are above the rest!

Where to Find Poems Online

If you would like to read more friendship poetry for teens, here are a few resources you can look into:

Many of these poetry sites feature poems written by teens, for teens.


If you have been looking for poetry related to friendship, remember there are numerous resources out there for such pieces. Even if you cannot find what you are looking for exactly, you should be able to find something close or get the motivation to write it yourself!

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Teenage Friendship Poems