Teenage Height Predictor

A teen's height depends somewhat on his parent's height.

Teenage height predictors are fairly accurate, though of course each person is unique and will grow at a different rate than others. When a teenager begins to go through puberty, he or she will have a growth spurt, usually between ages twelve and fourteen, though every teen is different and might have his or her growth spurt at a younger or older age. Many teens, especially younger teens, will want to know how tall that they are going to be when they get older. A teenage height predictor is a great way to see how tall you will become, though it is not one hundred percent accurate and can be either be higher or lower than a teen's height when he or she reaches full height.

Where to Find Teenage Height Predictors

If you are a teen who wants to know how tall he is going to be when he gets older, then using a teenage height predictor can be a great way to find out your adult height, or at least get a close estimate. Since all people are different, height predictors may not always be accurate and sometimes may not even be close to what your adult height actually is. Older teens will either be almost at their full height or be completely grown by eighteen or nineteen, though some teens can keep growing into their early twenties. Many teen height predictors can be found online, and a few websites that feature height predictors are:

Your doctor can also predict your height, and might be a bit more accurate than an online height predictor, since he will have a better idea of your physical attributes and habits than an online height predictor will. Things that affect a teenager's height include:

  • His parent's height
  • His weight
  • Eating habits
  • Amount of vitamins that are ingested (calcium is very important for healthy growth)
  • Exercising habits
  • Individual traits

If you are not as tall as your peers as a younger teen, you should not worry about it too much. As you grow, you will get taller, and might even turn out to be taller than many of your friends or classmates. If you do not grow as tall as your peers, then learning to work with your height is important as well. Being short or tall only has a minor influence on life, and you may be successful whether you are four feet tall or six feet tall.

Changes Growing Up

Pre-teens and teenagers are at a point in their young lives when things are changing, many at the same time. Physical changes, such as growth, occur as well as psychological changes and more mature attitudes. Every teenager develops at his or her own rate of course, but some changes that will happen to all teens during the adolescent years are:

  • Getting taller or having a growth spurt
  • Voice deepening (more so in boys than girls)
  • Breast development in girls
  • Acne and skin blemishes
  • Mood swings
  • Feeling grumpy or irritated
  • Growth of facial and body hair
  • Wanting to become more independent from parents and other authority figures
  • Development of individual traits, hobbies, and interests

The teen years can be a difficult time for some adolescents, and for some parents as well, but they are also an exciting time. During the teen years kids get to enjoy more freedom than they did in the past. Parents will not have to worry so much about them getting hurt or lost, though they may worry more about other things once their child grows into a teenager, such as whether or not their child is making the right friends.

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Teenage Height Predictor