Teenage Romance Poems

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There is no heavier feeling than being swept off your feet into a romance by reading teenage romance poems. Sometimes you feel like shouting your romantic feelings out to the world, and sometimes you just want to hug those feelings close to yourself.

The Wonder of It All - Romance in Teenage Romance Poems

Just Breathe

I have to remind myself, inhale, exhale, just breathe,
Just one at a time, because I can't believe I am here
with you, staring at the movie screen, but ever aware,
Of you.
Sitting there by me, I think I am in love just by the way,
You toss your head back and laugh. So I glance
Out of the corner of my eyes letting you catch me
My heart sighs, breathing, I am alive,
Sitting next to you.

Juno Said

The girl said it true, she said it right,
When she said, he is the mac to my cheese
I know just how she felt even if it was make believe.
Because it's real right here and now and the world,
As I see - it - is spinning around us and we are centered,
Although possibly censured by my parents, your friends.
It doesn't matter grounded as we are in books, music,
and sweet notes on our guitars.

First Kiss

The first time was not awkward, my lips were not dry
And I did not die, or faint, or cry but watched,
in wonder as we melted into each other.
A perfect first kiss. Easy as if
the heavens meant it to be,
On this screened porch, hidden in the rustling leaves,
Of the vines, clematis and morning glory, mixed
Such perfect happiness in the grays and greens
In the shadows of this summer day.

Putting the Romance in Romantic

Romance is a subtle thing, fragile, and created out of small but generous actions. When someone does something thoughtful without reminding, dropping hints, or being pushed to remember, that is when romance has a chance and an opportunity to grow into a romantic relationship.

Two Gifts

I stand there, red faced, blushing, I really wanted
those gloves for my mother's birthday gift.
Here I stand, Charlie Brown-like, frantically,
Hunting for change.
Digging through the accumulation, the debris of my
Purse, lips tight, and perspiration starting a clammy
Track down the back of my neck.
I feel something skim my waist and you breathe,
In my ear - "Check your coat pocket." - as you smile
Endearingly at the clerk.
Drawing those cold, rude eyes off my face, she thaws like
A glacier under the warmth of your sunlight as my hand
In triumph closes around the five dollar bill.
Here it is - I am relieved in my relief - I knew I had an extra five
I sent you a look that conveys my gratitude, my thanks as we wait for change.
"I can't believe the way, you girls forget where you stash your cash," you
Lightly draw me in with a forehead kiss.

teenages at a carnival

Dreams Do Come True

I wished for you on falling stars, in the back of my parents' car, as
we left you waving us off on summer vacation, when all I wanted
was to stay by you, play by you since I was four. Then we spent
time chasing balls, hitting shuttlecocks, and croquet balls along,
newly mown, dew drenched grass and chased fireflies in the dark.
The moment I recall coming back, so afraid, I lost you to a season's
Girl all gold and brown and so much more than I was allowed to be.
There I stood with corkscrew curls, flyaway wisps, and cut off tan
Berry scratched legs and not daring to look at your eyes growing cold.
Your wide set eyes and wide set smile told me told me nothing had grown so old
As you gave me a bouquet of paper flowers won from a carnival stand.

Teenage romance poems are just what you need to read when you are looking for something to express how you feel, about special things he does for you. The feelings those actions bring about are the fuel for romance. In fact, you might say, those actions are worth a thousand words - romantic words, that is!

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Teenage Romance Poems