Outdoor Games for Teenagers to Play

teenagers outdoor games to play

As teenagers, outdoor games provide you a chance to act like a kid again. They can be used for team building, recreation, fitness, or to have fun.

Traditional Outdoor Games for Teenagers

As teenagers, outdoor games can be exciting. Gather a group of friends, add an outdoor location, throw in a few balls and other accessories, and you've set the stage for a day filled with fun games and activities. You can start with the traditional list of games, but consider other activities as well.

Play Team Spots

If you have a good-sized group, divide into teams and play football, baseball, softball, basketball, and/or soccer. If you want to play a variety of these games throughout the day, create shorter periods and appoint someone to be in charge of signaling the end of one game and the beginning of the next. It always helps to have someone who is responsible for refereeing and dividing the teams fairly. These traditional games are certainly popular, but don't forget games like kickball and dodgeball as well.

More Outdoor Game Ideas for Teens

You're never too old to play games. The following is a list of tried and true games that teens love to play.

Capture the Flag

  • What you'll need- You will need boundary markers and two "flags". Flags can be made out of any material, such as pieces of sheets, hand towels, bandannas, or a just a couple of rags. You'll need a large area in which to play the game.
  • How to play- The object of the games is to steal the opposing team's flag and bring it back to your side. Divide teams and mark boundaries, particularly a dividing line. Place a flag on each side of the field towards the back. Players try to steal the flag without getting tagged. A tagged player has to go to "jail", which is a designated area not too far from the flag. To be released from jail, a teammate must tag the captured player. If a player captures the flag but is tagged on his way to his own territory, you have the option of returning the flag to its original location or leaving it where the player was tagged. You can incorporate other strategies into the game, such as playing with more than one flag.

Human Knot

  • What you'll need- All you need is participants to play.
  • How to play- Create a huge "human knot" by having players form a tight circle. Each player should reach out his/her right hand and then his/her left hand to grab someone else's hand. The person whose hand he/she grabs should not be standing right next to him/her. The players will form a huge "knot" as they continue to do this.

Elbow Tag

  • What you'll need- You'll need a large area to play this game.
  • How to play- The group should divide into partners, and each set of partners should hook elbows, with the exception of one player who is "it". The free hand of each player should be placed on his or her own hip. The person who is "it" attempts to join one of the teams by hooking elbows. The person on the other end of this newly formed threesome is now "it" and pursues a new team.

Frisbee Golf

  • What you'll need- You'll need to set up a "course" and several Frisbees. Your course should consist of a variety of targets, such as a large garbage can, a post, a net, a hula-hoop ring, or anything that you can toss your Frisbee into or onto.
  • How to play- You can play Frisbee golf the same way you play putt-putt golf. Let players keep score by counting how many throws it takes to get to each obstacle or goal. The person with the least amount of throws is the winner.

Go Out and Play

These are just a few of the many outdoor games to play. All you need is the great outdoors and a few of your friends to feel like a kid again.

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Outdoor Games for Teenagers to Play