The National Society of High School Scholars Overview

National Society of High School Scholars

If you are a high achieving high school student, you may consider joining the National Society of High School Scholars. This organization may offer benefits and advantages for high school students.

The Society for the High Achievers of High School

If you are looking for an organization to join with members that you can identify with academically, NSHSS may be it. This organization recognizes academic excellence and provides resources, opportunities, and content to its members. It's a distinct honor to be a member of this society and it can put you ahead of other students when applying to colleges.

Invitation to Join the National Society of High School Scholars

Students who have excelled academically by achieving at least a cumulative GPA of 3.5 may receive an invitation to join the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS). Only students who receive an invitation may join. Teachers and school officials are the ones who can nominate students to receive an invitation. However, if you feel that you would benefit from the society, you can contact them to explain how you have excelled or ask your school for a nomination.

The Cost of Becoming a Member of NSHSS

If you accept the invitation, you will need to pay a onetime membership fee. The fee is to help pay for the services provided to its members. Even though you pay the fee only one time, you will be a member for the rest of your life.

NSHSS Fee Waiver

The organization recognizes high school students who may not be able to pay the fee and will discount or waive it depending on your financial situation. You will have to provide documentation of your financial hardship to qualify for the waiver. While it may be a bit more difficult to receive a full waiver (due to extreme situations), members can receive partial waivers whose parents experience temporary unemployment or limited income.

The Benefits of Membership in NSHSS

For those wondering, "Should I join the National Society of High School Honor Students," keep in mind there are many benefits of becoming a member of the National Society of High School Scholars. Here are a few:

  • It gives you the chance to meet other high school scholars around the world.
  • Membership provides you many scholarship opportunities.
  • The society offers special events to students and their families to prepare you for college or becoming involved in other activities.
  • You can join academic competitions for fun!
  • Learn about applying to service and leadership opportunities.
  • Keep in touch with members you meet at the events or meet new people in the online forums.
  • College fairs are available to help you with deciding which one is best for you. These fairs also give you and your family a chance to speak to admissions professionals.
  • Receive a personalized press release so you can let your town and other family members know of your achievements.

Getting Started With the Organization

If you know an extraordinary student or you would like someone to nominate you, visit the NSHSS webpage. If you received an invitation and want to join NSHSS, visit the Join Online webpage. Finally, if you would just like to learn more about the organization, visit the society's website.

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The National Society of High School Scholars Overview