Things for Tweens to Do During the Summer Break

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There are varieties of things for tweens to do during the summer break. You only need to look a little in your community and you will find that the infamous phrase "I'm bored" is a thing of the past.

Things for Tweens to Do During the Summer Break

There are so many options that tweens have for spending their summer break to keep them busy. When you're looking, start first by considering what your tween's interests and needs are. A busy summer full of exciting learning adventures might seem great on paper, but if your tween is very busy during school, he/she might simply need some down time. Resist the urge to sign your child up for things he/she has no interest in doing whatsoever. No matter how appealing something seems. In turn, tweens can be easily motivated with some gentle hinting!

Free (Or Really Cheap) Fun

Who can say no to free things? Unbelievably, there are varieties of venues that are willing to offer free and low cost activities to tweens during the summer.

Kids Bowl Free

Kids Bowl Free is an organization of bowling centers around the country that are offering free passes for two games per kid per day. You need to choose a bowling center near you, and can only register for the two free games per-day per-kid at that specific bowling center. There is an age limit--in most places, you can't be older than fifteen but it varies depending on the center. Parents and older siblings receive a discounted pass.

Free and Cheap Movies

A few movie theatre chains have jumped on the "free summer movie bandwagon." However, two of the most notable and longest running programs are Regal Entertainment Group and AMC Theatres. Regal Entertainment Group's participating theatres offers free PG and G movies on designated weekday mornings. While normally a tween would balk at watching Horton Hears a Who, you will find that if friends and the mall are involved, it's likely an event not to be missed.

AMC Theatres $1 Movies offers tickets for $1 for select showings (also always on designated weekday mornings). They donate the proceeds to charity, which makes it a win/win situation.

Community Service

Community service opportunities don't have to come through formal programs. Your tween can help an elderly neighbor with yard work, do some visiting in a local nursing home, or even raise some money. While there's no limit to what your tween can do, below are a few possibilities.

Host a Lemonade Stand

The idea of raising money through a lemonade stand isn't unique but it seems an activity made just for tweens. Your tween can combine entrepreneurial ingenuity with a favorite charity or cause and raise some money. Turn it into even more of an activity by making your own DIY lemonade stand.

Learn Some First Aid Skills

Did you know that the American Red Cross is one of the largest volunteer organizations in the United States and tweens can volunteer. Tweens can get trained in babysitting as well as basic first aid and then in turn volunteer their time and services.

Your Local Parks Department

Every one loves their local park. However, did you know that both your local parks and recreation department offers special programs for tweens and your state parks department also offers opportunities and programs for the entire family? Go hiking; learn to fish, or spelunk your way through the summer. The best thing about these programs is that they are often funded through grants and taxes, which makes them more affordable. You can find out about these programs by contacting your state's parks department.

Jobs Tweens Can Do

While your tween is too young still to get a job at the local fast food joint, he or she is not too young to earn a little extra money. Depending on your area, many ways your responsible tween can earn a little spending cash exist.

  • Mother's helpers- If you know of any moms who have just had a baby, they would likely be happy to pay someone to come in for an hour or two a week to help with the baby or general cleaning.
  • Yard work- Yard work is a great way to earn some extra money. Weeding in particular is a great job for tweens!

To set up a "business" start by asking the neighbors if they'd like help. If your tween works hard and does a good job, word of mouth will spread.

There are certainly varieties of things for tweens to do during the summer break. From spending time outdoors, to finding local free activities to even doing some good--there is no reason for any tween to be bored!

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Things for Tweens to Do During the Summer Break