Fun Tween Girls Websites

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If you are a parent looking for a website that's suitable for your tween daughter to use for social networking, playing games, or learning, you might be a little anxious about letting her use a more popular site like Facebook or Twitter, since anyone of any age can communicate with your eight to thirteen year old child. However, with proper supervision, these types of sites can be fun for older tweens and teens to join.

Where to Find Tween Girls Websites

Websites that have appropriate content for tween girls include:

  • Club This website, which is owned and operated by the Disney Company, has a monthly fee, but is very secure from any content you may not want your children to see while they are online. Kids can play games, chat (safely) with other members, and dress up their own penguin.
  • Popular with many tweens and kids, even some adults, Webkinz are plush toys with a code attached to them that allows access into the website.
  • This site allows tweens to create their own avatar, which takes them through the Dizzy Wood world on quests and adventures where the characters can use superpowers and special abilities.
  • Toon Another site from the Disney Company, Toon lets members play free, but if you pay a fee, you can play special games and have access to extra features.
  • A social networking site much like Myspace, but with lots of added safety features.
  • Neopets is a popular virtual pet website, much like Webkinz, though you do not have to purchase anything to play it. Neopets offers lots of merchandise that allows you to get special items, for an extra fee of course.

There are hundreds of sites like these made just for kids, and most have a parental control area, so you can monitor what your child does online, and have access to be able to control who they can talk to while online. With loads of fun games and other activities for tweens, these sites can offer a remedy for rainy-day blues or cabin fever in the wintertime.

Safety Concerns

When letting your tween use the Internet for the first time, you might want to sit down with her and establish some rules. A few examples might be:

  • Don't talk to anyone that's not approved by a parent or guardian.
  • Only visit sites that are age-appropriate for you.
  • Never give out any personal information, including; names, addresses, phone numbers, and age.

Online Introduction

As long as she understands the rules and obeys them, the Internet can be a fun learning environment for your child! Tween girls websites are a great way to introduce children to the Internet in a fun and simple way.

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Fun Tween Girls Websites