Types of Tween Magazines for Different Interests

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Tween magazines are written for 8 to 14 year olds and provide a wealth of information on social activities, fashion, school and more. There is a great selection of magazines on the market for this age group and subscribing to them has never been easier!

Choosing Tween Magazines

Tweens have varied interests such as education, sports, fashion and general activities. The following may help you decide which one, or several, are right for the tween in your life.


Educational magazines that are geared toward tweens are many, especially since this group represents a growing segment of the home schooling population. Magazines that are in this group include the following:

  • Ranger Rick- published by the National Wildlife Federation, each issue is visually stimulating for tweens. Bright photos of animals, exciting articles and illustrations will keep young readers entertained.
  • Dig- do you know a tween interested in history and archaeology? Then this is the magazine for them. Packed with great photographs, puzzles, games and more, this magazine dedicates each issue to a particular historical period and provides in depth knowledge, written on a tween level, about people who lived at that time.
  • Cobblestone- a thematic magazine that focuses on history. Each issue focuses on a particular historical time and provides readers with intriguing stories, illustrations, photographs, games and puzzles. This magazine is loved by teachers and librarians because it is easy to read and really interests this age group.


Tweens today are more active in individual and team sports than their parents ever were. Sports provide tweens with a great way to show off their special abilities. There are many fun and interesting sports magazines written just for tweens.

  • International Figure Skating- while not written exclusively for teens, it does focus on one of their favorite sports activities. This periodical provides coverage on all aspects of figure skating and the individuals, including young competitors, competing in this sport.
  • American Cheerleader- Many varsity cheerleaders started cheering when they were tweens. This sports magazine is written by experts in the cheerleading field, each issue offers tips on training, healthy lifestyles, competition strategies and interviews with top cheerleaders. Perfect for the tween that loves cheering!
  • Junior Baseball- written for tween baseball players, as well as their parents and coaches. Articles are written for tweens with a focus on the sport and fair play practices. It also includes easy-to-read articles for young t-ball players.

General Interest

  • Tiger Beat - a perennial favorite that has been around for decades. This magazine features articles on favorite pop stars and actors. An entertaining place packed with photos and information on tweens favorite idols.
  • Nikelodeon- a companion magazine to the Nickelodeon network on television. Each issue features pull-outs, comics, puzzles and interviews with movie idols and popular bands. A fun magazine that will keep tweens entertained for hours.

For Boys

  • Boys Life- is the original publication of the Boy Scouts of America. This magazine is written to inspire good citizenship and the spirit of fair play. Each issue features scouting tips, jokes and well written stories.

Just for Girls

The tween magazine market is filled with magazines written specifically for tween girls. The majority of these magazines focus on issues that face girls today, as well as reporting on fun teen hairstyles and fashion.

  • New Moon- a multicultural and international magazine that is written specifically for tween girls. This magazine focuses on real girls and issues that they face around the world. It is dedicated to providing great role models for girls and inspiring tweens to follow their dreams.
  • Girl's Life- a magazine that features true stories about dealing with life's problems. Each issue features advice columns, how to succeed in school, making friends, peer pressure, recipes, crafts as well as tips on hairstyles and fashion.
  • Teen Voices- an alternative to fashion conscious magazines, Teen Voices features stories about real girls and the challenges that they face. This magazine features original poetry, writing and artwork from teen contributors.

Where to Buy Tween Magazines

Tween magazines are very easy to buy and subscribe to. The Internet is one place to shop for deals on your favorite magazines. Top online magazine sellers include:

Your favorite tween magazines can also be found at local bookstores and major retail stores everywhere. Each magazine has subscription cards that can be mailed in. This simple endeavor will get your tweens favorite magazine mailed to them right away.

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Types of Tween Magazines for Different Interests