VNV Nation Clothing Overview


VNV Nation clothing is becoming more popular as this musical group continues to gain recognition worldwide.

Who Is VNV Nation?

VNV Nation is a music group in the genre of electronica. They are originally from Dublin and London, but now they are based in Hamburg, Germany. Their name stands for "Victory, not Vengeance," which is in line with the group's philosophy about striving to achieve rather than sitting in bitter regret.

This is just the sort of message teens need to hear as they grow and develop, and they are listening. VNV Nation's two members, Ronan Harris and Mark Jackson, are experiencing crossover success both in neighboring European countries as well as overseas here in the U.S.

They have recently released their new album entitled "Judgment" and completed a U.S. tour. If you or someone you know is a fan of VNV Nation, there are a few clothing options available for purchase. Below you will find a description of the most popular items of clothing.

VNV Nation Clothing

Male or female, teens love the unique industrial sound of VNV Nation. Now VNV Nation clothing is available for purchase through their official website, at their concerts, and through select online retailers.

Men's Worker Shirt

If you have a special guy in your life that is a fan of VNV Nation, you can purchase him a rugged looking worker shirt. Made out of black polyester, the band's signature emblem is on the back of the shirt as well as on the front right chest.

Men's Polo

Another black band shirt, this one is made out of 100% cotton and is in the style of a polo shirt. With a one-color embroider on the left breast, this VNV Nation shirt has a white stripe on the neck collar and on the inside shoulders.

Men's Tee

Featuring the emblem of the band's most recent album, "Judgment", guys will love the detailed embroidery and excellent craftsmanship found on this shirt commemorating VNV Nation's most recent billboard success.

Long Sleeved Souvenir

Lastly, for either males or females, you can purchase a VNV Nation college style jacket. Lightweight enough to be considered a long sleeved tee, this jacket is decorated with the "Judgment" emblem and is black with white accents. This is the sharpest piece of apparel you can buy to represent this band, and any true fan would be proud to own it!


If shirts aren't your forte, band lanyards, key chains, and even Zippo lighters are available for purchase. Any fan will be able to find something they enjoy with the band's sleek and simple black and white design trend.

Where to Shop

Besides their official website, you can purchase clothing on their MySpace site. Gothic shops specialize in this band as well as many others, and doing a simple Google search for the band name will lead you to several sites where you can make a purchase at reasonable prices .

It's only a matter of time before this great duo goes mainstream and their apparel is in much higher demand. By purchasing straight from band-endorsed sites now, you will become the leader in a trend just waiting to happen.

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VNV Nation Clothing Overview