Vegas Prom Theme

Vegas Prom Theme

If you are on the prom planning committee for your school, consider a Vegas Prom. You want this special event to be memorable and unique. How exciting would it be to have your dance decorated in a Vegas theme? Many decorations can transform your school gym or other setting into a Las Vegas casino. You can be sure that if you choose this type of prom that you will be talking about it for years and will be bragging about how different your dance was from other schools.

Possible Vegas Prom Decorations

There are many decorations you can purchase that will make your setting look as if you could have just taken a trip to Las Vegas. There is everything from wall decorations to slot machines. Check out these possibilities to see what best fits your location.

Wall Decorations

  • Room setters

This is an adhesive removable wallpaper that you attach to the wall to give the room the look of the city's skyline or casino background. There are many different designs to choose from like slot machines, dollar bills, playing cards and so much more. You can find them in different sizes to accommodate your setting.

  • Wall graphics

You can also purchase a large removable adhesive wall graphic like a slot machine, card table etc.

  • Cut-outs

Signs that display different game sections like Poker, Craps, Roulette, and Blackjack are perfect to bring your room to life. Cutouts come in slot machines, dice, and other items that will stand up around the room as well.

  • Banner

Personalized banners are available in a casino theme with your school's name and graduating year. Place this on the wall or hang it from two posts.

  • Mural

An alternative to the wallpaper you can purchase a mural for your backdrop. Murals come in many different themes and designs.

Freestanding Decorations

  • Centerpieces

Do not forget about your tabletops, there are many centerpieces such as big playing cards, slot machines, and dice.

  • Danglers

Instead of using streamers, try hanging casino type streamers such as playing cards or dice.

  • Entrance arches or columns

Set the mood with a themed entrance arch or columns. Lighted arches and columns come decorated with large cards, balloons, chips, and other casino items. These come in many sizes and some arches have a metallic curtain to walk through.

  • Inflatable items

Inflatable dice, slot machines, and poker tables are available.

  • Balloons

Many different themed balloons can add that extra touch to the scenery.

  • Photo settings

With a Vegas prom, which makes a very cool school dance theme, you will not worry about having a boring backdrop to your pictures. You can use arches, columns, inflatable items, cutout playing cards, large chips, and dice.

Let the Games Begin

What Las Vegas experience would be complete without some chips, dice, cards, slot machine, and a roulette table? You can either rent or purchase these items if available in your area. It is not a good idea to play with real money but you can have just as much fun giving each person some chips to play with on the machines and games.


Everyone wants to take something home with them from this special event such a personalized chip, mug, or attractive tin with dice inside.


You can save money by purchasing kits, which have a variety of the items you need. If you have a large setting, you can purchase two kits to cover the area.

Sites to Purchase Decorations

Here are some sites with all of the decorations you need to turn your prom into a Las Vegas theme.

  • Stumps Prom & Party - This site has a large collection of items for this type of party. They also have a few kits available.
  • Harding's - This site has a small collection with items not found on other sites.
  • Party Cheap - If you are looking for inexpensive items check out this site.
  • Reason to Party! - Find additional items for any type of party.
  • My Wedding Favors - Even though this is a wedding favor site, you can find favors for this theme that you can personalize for your class.

Plan Ahead

Some schools might not allow you to have this type of event even if there is no gambling involved. Make sure to check with your principal or head committee member for permission before you start purchasing decorations.

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Vegas Prom Theme