Very Young Teenagers' Physical and Emotional Changes

Making friends as a teen can be difficult, but rewarding.

Very young teenagers have different ideas and outlooks on life than older teenagers do. When a teenager first hits puberty, it can be a very confusing time for him, especially since going into middle school and high school is such a big change. Many pre-teens and young teenagers are nervous about going into middle school or high school. Having different classes and teachers for each subject can be a stressful adjustment for some teens, as well as having to worry about locker combinations, changing clothes in a locker room for gym class, and dealing with the changes that puberty brings. However, the beginning of the teenage years can be just as fun as they are stressful, since teens usually have more freedom than younger children and are beginning to develop unique personalities and social groups.

Changes in Very Young Teenagers

Many physical and emotional changes take place in the lives of very young teenagers. Pre-teens and young teens may still enjoy activities that older teens would find childish, but they begin to participate in more mature events and go places with their friends, like they see older teenagers doing. This can be very frustrating for some very young teenagers, since they cannot drive, but want to go and hang out with their friends. Parents might not always give younger teens the privilege of going out alone, either because they do not trust them or are worried about them getting hurt. While this can frustrate pre-teens, sometimes it is for the better, since young teens are more likely to get into trouble when given too much freedom. Changes are a central part of becoming a teenager and growing up. Some of the changes that occur during these years are:

  • Mood swings and temperamental behavior
  • Drastic height changes
  • Growth of body hair
  • Development of independence
  • Increased responsibility
  • Development of defined muscles in boys
  • Breast growth in girls
  • Friends and social life becomes more important than spending time with the family

High school is also a big change for young teens, since the classes are more difficult. Also, having so many different teachers can overwhelm some students at first. While it is a big step, going into high school can also be one of the most fun times in a teen's life. Once a teen has adjusted to the amount of work that high school brings, he can have a lot of fun in high school.

Activities Young Teens Enjoy

Young teenagers and pre-teens might not be able to go out and drive around with a big group of their friends, but there are still many other activities to enjoy. Going to school functions and fundraisers might be a more likely option for a young teen than going to the movies or mall, since parents will feel like their child is safer at school where he is chaperoned than if he was out on his own with no one watching him. Some other activities that might be good for a young teen are:

  • Having a game night at home with either family or friends
  • Building a lemonade stand in a neighborhood
  • Inventing a game with friends
  • Doing arts and crafts projects
  • Learning an instrument
  • Going to after school activities or sports games
  • Joining clubs, such as drama club, art club, or French club

Activities that are held after school are ideal for young teens, since they are already there and most parents will be able to pick them up from school without worrying too much about where they are or what they are doing.

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Very Young Teenagers' Physical and Emotional Changes