Young Love in the Teen Years

Young Love

As a teen, young love is a certain distraction. Love is a confusing emotion, no matter what your age. The teen years usually brings the first experiences with romantic love, which is different than the love felt towards parents, pets, and even toys. Love is a magical mystery; let young love be an enjoyable, not painful, experience.

First Loves

Many teens spend way too much time obsessing on young love. Especially when it is the first, a romantic relationship fills your body with excitement and adrenaline. Who could beat that rush? Well, don't throw caution to the wind. Careful is the word of the day when it comes to young love.

While certainly this is not going to sound like good news, it is important to remember that young love rarely lasts. Of course your first thought is, "but it is different for us…" it is important to not lose sight of exactly what young love really is. Young love, especially first love, is intense. So intense, it can be quite scary. This intensity will make the love seem stronger than it really is. As a teen, this is a time for fun and growth, not heavy responsibility. Don't waste your stimulating teen dating years on a heavy love relationship, especially knowing it will most likely end. Accepting the inevitable will lead you to relationship enjoyment and dating fun, instead of heartache and pain.

Savor Love

This is not to say that you should avoid young love altogether, instead, savor it. A short lived phenomenon, young love is the stuff fairy tales and dreams are made of. Encourage the entertainment factor by taking the pressure off you and your boyfriend or girlfriend. As a teen, there is no need to be looking for a lifetime partner, just someone exhilarating to spend some time with.

First loves are the stuff memories are made of. Every teen remembers a first love and it will set the stage for all the relationships that follow. How do you want to be remembered? Let this thought guide you in your own relationship decisions.

No Love Yet

What if you have yet to feel the tingle of first love? Don't stress, millions of teens never experience love until they are much older. Be patient and relax in the knowledge that you can focus instead on other interesting pursuits.

Passion and Young Love

Passion and love, especially young love, go hand in hand. This passion will ultimately be your greatest success or failure, depending on how you use it. When it comes to love, whether a boyfriend or your car, the more you put into it, the harder it is when it all crumbles away. Don't let your passions overwhelm your life, no matter what they are. In the early love stages, it is too easy to let everything else slide. Homework, family obligations, jobs, all seems so much less important when that guy in math class finally asks you out. Hey, it's okay, get excited! He is cute with a capital C. Just don't skip out on basketball practice or miss your brother's birthday to meet up with him. Then, at least when the excitement has mellowed out, you still have the basketball team to fall back on.

Instead, let passion motivate you. Learn about yourself to better understand what and who you love and why. Become a complete person that is easier for others to love. By balancing your own self-esteem and confidence, you instantly become more attractive to yourself and others. Don't shy away from your intense emotions, instead look within and try to better understand who you really are. Let this time of teen transitions be the opportunity to prepare for the hassles and stresses of the adult world.

Healthy Relationships

While it certainly starts to sound like a broken record when you are sixteen, let these years be your training ground for adulthood. Although you might feel all grown up, the reality is, you are not. Hey, that is okay too… you can still have fun and let others take the brunt of the responsibility. Instead of focusing on the heat of young love, let it guide you towards building healthy relationships. This will ultimately ensure your success in love down the road.

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Young Love in the Teen Years