Bully Prevention Poster Ideas

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Bully prevention poster ideas can be found in many places, and are easy to make. Bullying is a growing problem in many high schools and junior high schools, though there are various programs in place in many schools across the country to try to prevent it. Posters are a great way to influence high school students, especially if they see the posters every day while they go about their business at school and work. A student that is thinking about bullying another student might change his mind if he sees a poster that explains the harmful effects of bullying. Movies and television programs that show the effects of bullying are also effective toward teenagers.

Examples of Bully Prevention Poster Ideas

Finding an example of bully prevention posters can be as easy as logging onto your computer and doing a simple Internet search for posters. There are many different examples of posters, and you can adapt them to fit your needs. Putting an interesting headline on a bully prevention poster is a good idea to attract attention. Making it a bright color can also help draw focus to a poster. A few good websites to find bully prevention poster ideas, or to even purchase pre-made bully prevention posters are:

Looking at posters that are hanging in school hallways, in shopping malls, or in other places across your town is also a good way to get ideas if you want to make your own posters. Using a computer program, such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop is a good idea if you have a computer and printer that you can easily use, but if you do not, then making the posters by hand also works. Getting the local high school's Key Club or National Honors Society can help you can make the work go faster. Teenagers often enjoy doing arts and crafts projects, such as making posters for a good cause.

Ways to Prevent Bullying

Preventing the spread of bullying in both elementary and in high schools is something that all teachers and parents should be concerned about. Making sure that students learn about preventing bullying at a young age can help ensure that there is less of it in schools as they grow up. Having guest speakers come into schools to talk about the effects of bullying is one way to prevent it. Here are some others ideas to include on your poster:

  • Respected figures who discourage bullying
  • Bullet points highlighting the effects of bullying and how to stop it
  • Information about where to report any cases of bullying
  • Encouraging sharing and other good social behaviors

Early Invervention Is Important

Bullying can quickly become a problem with children if it is not addressed early on. A student who seems to be bullying other children should be talked to about the situation and removed from it if he or she does not stop the behavior. Kids that might be the ones getting bullied should always report it to a teacher, because if they do not, then the problem can grow even more severe and can cause psychological issues with both the child bullying and the child being bullied. Placing bullying prevention posters in key places is just one of many ways to stop bullies.

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Bully Prevention Poster Ideas