Hello Cheers

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Hello cheers need to grab the crowd's attention and really let them know that the cheerleaders have arrived. Make sure you have a number of these cheers in your cheer arsenal so you can always keep things fresh!

Hello Cheers to Rouse the Fans

These cheers are a squad's first contact with the crowd. Whichever cheer you use, make sure it's packed with energy.

Hello, Here We Are

Here's a simple cheer you can use to begin warming up the crowd.

Hello here we are again to play hard and win,
Hello here we are again to claim another victory,
Hello here we are again, there's no way that we won't win!

Hello, Let's Go

Use this cheer to work in the name of your team, as well as the opposing team.

Eagles attack!
E-H-S is back!
Purple and the gold,
Eagles take control!
Big gold, let's go!

Hey Lions, beware!
The Eagles have no fear.
This will be,
This will be,
This will be,
The EAGLES victory!

Piece by Piece

Here's an introductory cheer that includes some fun basic movements described in the cheer that everyone can perform.

My name is _______,
I'm doing just fine,
and this cheer is a favorite of mine!
Turn around touch the ground,
get back up & boogie on down!
Piece by piece....piece by piece..

(Continue with next cheerleader.)

Hi, My Name Is

Introductory cheers like this offer a way to spotlight each member of the squad.

Cheer line

Hi my name is _______,
And I like to shake,
And when I shake,
I make a boom earthquake!


She makes a boom earthquake!
She makes a boom earthquake!

(After everyone is named)

Hello! We are the cheerleaders,
And we like to shake,
And when we shake,
We make a boom earthquake!
We make a boom earthquake!

Hello, We Are the Spartans

Substitute your team and opposing team's names to make this cheer your own.

Hello, we are the Spartans (clap)
From M-H-S. (clap)
Good luck you Warriors,
We wish you the best. (clap)
Our offense (clap) and defense, (clap)
They can't be beat. (clap)
Sherwood Spartans (clap)
Won't take defeat!

Got It Goin' On

Adding some rhythm and clapping to a hello cheer can really ramp up the crowd's team spirit.

We got it goin' on,
And so we sing this song.
We're kickin' it for you,
And this is what we do.

(Clap seven times in rapid succession)

My name is Brittany, (clap-clap)
I am in charge, (clap-clap)
And when I cheer, (clap-clap)
I'm livin' large! (clap-clap)

(Repeat for each member of the squad, or let each cheerleader make up her own verse.)

Hello to the Players

Try this cute cheer to give a shout out to the players by name.

Cheerleader with megaphone and players in the background

Taylor (player's name), Taylor
He's the best.
As the center,
He's ahead of all the rest.

Smith (player's name), Smith
The crowd goes wild when he does his thing.
He shoots. . .he scores . .from the three point ring

Jones (player's name), Jones
He's known all around,
'Cuz when he comes for the ball,
You know he's gonna get that rebound.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Hello

Your first cheer of the game should really set the tone for the event. A half-hearted hello cheer is worse than no cheer at all, so deliver your cheer with all the enthusiasm you can muster and the crowd will follow your lead.

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