Roll Call Cheers

three cheerleaders

Almost every cheerleading fan has seen the roll call cheers at the beginning of the Bring It On movies. Who could forget Torrence calling out her affinity for cheerleading and the others chanting her name? Although that particular roll call is dramatized a bit for Hollywood, many cheer squads have their own roll call cheers to help introduce their cheerleaders to people who might not know them by name. These cheers can be a fun addition to a halftime show or fit easily into pre-game activities.

What Are Roll Call Cheers?

There is some debate among parents and coaches as to whether or not roll call cheers should be used. Although some roll call cheers have inappropriate content, a squad can come up with their own roll call cheer that is appropriate for their situation. Although Hollywood gives young girls an example that uses suggestive comments and curse words, that does not mean that coaches and cheerleaders can't come up with a better option that still shows school spirit and pride in their role as a cheerleader. Most roll call cheers start with a general introduction to the squad. The intro can be short or long. For example, a school that has the mascot of a hornet might chant:

We are the Hornets
Watch out for our sting
We are the Hornets
We'll win everything

The opening chant is then followed by someone shouting "roll call" and each cheerleader introducing herself via a chant, while the other members of the squad repeat her name. For example, if the cheerleader's name is Tori:

  • Squad: The squad chants, "Go Tori! Go Tori! Go, go, go Tori!"
  • Cheerleader: The cheerleader then chants something she has come up with to tell others a little about herself. Example: My name is Tori and this is my story. I like to cheer, I'm new this year.

Making Up Your Own Individual Cheer

If your squad has decided to use the roll call cheers during games or pep rallies, you'll want to come up with something that is unique. Here are a few rules of thumb when coming up with your chant:

  • Use your own name or nickname, so people get to know who you are.
  • Try to come up with a list of words that rhyme with your name.
  • Keep it clean so all audiences can enjoy your cheer. Even though the chants are a little risqué in movies like Bring it On, it is best to keep things PG for school games.
  • Keep it short and no more than a sentence or two. If the individual chants are too long, the audience may lose interest before everyone goes through roll call.
  • Get feedback from other squad members. Two brains are always better than one. Coaches and older cheerleaders can be a big help as well.

Cheers for the Squad

Here are some other ideas for roll call cheers your squad can use. Simply add in your own mascot, team name, personal names and any details you'd like. These cheers will get you started and take you into the roll call portion, which will have to be individualized for your cheerleaders.

We Are

We are (stomp clap)
The Eagles (fill in your own mascot name

(Repeat three times and then have someone shout "roll call".)

We Like Rock

We like rock
We like roll
Our teams a rock
Here's our roll
Call (draw this word out)


Eagles are sweet
We can't be beat
We're number one
We're lots of fun
Roll call!

Even if you choose to borrow a roll call cheer from another school or find one online, you can make it your own by adding details about your own team. Try to think of funny moments, star players and slogans you use during spirit week and weave those into your roll call cheers.

Roll Call Cheers