Funny Football Cheers

Using Funny Football Cheers

There are times when the crowd and players could use a little levity during the game, and funny football cheers can rev them back up when the score isn't in your team's favor. A silly cheer can also give the opposing team a little good natured razzing. Here are several humorous cheers you may want to add to your squad's repertoire.

Your Player Is Tackled

We don't care about the score,
Get back up and play some more.
Brush that mud right off your bum,
Before it sticks to you like gum.
We still love you like before,
But make a touchdown and we'll love you more!

Opponents Miss a Kick

(Stomp, clap-clap)
You missed the goal post,
It's your bum,
(Stomp, clap-clap)
Your team is gonna roast!
The ball's not heavy,
(Stomp, clap-clap)
Not like a shot put,
Maybe next time,
(Stomp, clap-clap)
You should try the other foot!

After a Fumble

Make sure the player isn't hurt before you launch into this cheer.

Guess you made a fumble,
Looks like you had a tumble,
You're probably feeling humble,
So just try not to stumble

Get Them on Their Feet

Polar Bear fans,
Show your spirit
Fans in the front
Stand up and let us hear it: Grrrr!

Fans in the middle
Give us a little more
Stand up now
Let's hear you roar: Roooaarrr!

Fans in the back,
Time to take a crack,
Stand up now,
And give your bum a smack. Ya!

Your Team Intercepts

You throw like my mom,
Do you think you're at the prom?


You catch like a girl,
Get a baton and learn to twirl!

Opponents Miss a Tackle

We don't mean to make you cry,
But how'd you let our man get by?
If you can't make a tackle, why not
Let your waterboy have a try?

Your Team Recovers the Ball

Wooooo... (Make a sound like a siren.)
Here that siren coming round?
Tell the paramedics to stand down.
You can cancel that ambulance,
We feel good enough to shout and dance.
'Cause we just got another chance,
Our team just made a recovery!

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Funny Football Cheers