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Volleyball cheers are often very hard to find or create because not every school requires that their cheerleaders attend volleyball games. If you're cheering at a volleyball game, it's important to come up with cheers that are appropriate for the game, but you should also understand the game well enough to cheer at the appropriate times.

When to Use Volleyball Cheers

If your squad is not familiar with the rules of volleyball it is highly desirable to be aware of what's going on before you cheer in the game. There are a few times when it's appropriate to cheer, but keep in mind that in general, volleyball is a quieter sport than something like football and basketball. With that said, the volleyball team undoubtedly appreciates the extra attention and support from your squad.

The Serve

A quick volleyball cheer during a serve is appropriate. It shouldn't be long as it can be distracting and cause the player to lose focus. Here are a few ideas:

Wooooosh (slide stepping in one direction) what was that?
Woooooosh (slide stepping on the floor in the opposite direction) you hear that?
Never worry, never fear
That's just (server's name)'s ball flying past your ear!

You better duck
You better hide
'Cuz (server's name) is serving to your side.

Nowhere to run to
Nowhere to hide
Look out now
(Server's name) is serving to your side.

During a Volley

It's not entirely appropriate to begin a longer cheer during a volley. Volleys can be very short lived depending on the skill level of the teams that are playing. You don't want to be in the middle of a volleyball cheer and have to cut it off because the volley ended. A short chant that can be ended abruptly without being too awkward can be more appropriate. Pass Set Spike
Pass Set Spike
Pass Set Spike
End chant with some clapping or jumping

You can also choose to simply clap for good plays and give a little shout out. When someone scores a point you can clap, jump or give a cheer. It's fun if the entire team can decide on one particular jump and perform it in unison every time a point is scored and yell something like "Point". This works especially well if the volleyball coach doesn't want cheerleaders cheering volleyball cheers throughout the game.

During a Time Out

Before planning an all out cheerleading session during time outs, make sure that the coaches don't mind. Ask what their preference is for cheerleading during a time out during a game. Most coaches know that cheerleaders are there to support them and generally don't mind cheering during time outs. This is the perfect time to include the crowd and get everyone excited about the team.

We are the Spartans (or your team name)
The mighty, mighty Spartans (or your team name)
We got the beat yeah
And it goes like this
Clap your hands together twice
Clap the hands of the cheerleaders next to you twice, or if you are on the end clap your side
Clap your hands in your lap twice
Stomp twice

Repeat this sequence twice, and then make sure you check to see if the time out is over before starting another cheer.

When NOT to Perform a Volleyball Cheer

You should always ask the coach if he/she has any preferences for when you shouldn't cheer. Some coaches will not care and others find cheering very distracting for both themselves and their team. There are certain times when you should never cheer:

  • Don't cheer when a player is hurt (this is of course true in any sport).
  • Space your cheers out; don't cheer for every serve and every volley.
  • Refrain from cheering when either team is disputing with the referee or when they are trying to decide on a call.
  • It's not appropriate to cheer when your team loses or misses a point.

Other Ways to Show Support Besides Cheering

Some schools simply do not have cheerleaders at volleyball games. Often times, this is because volleyball and basketball run during the same season and so cheerleaders cheer at basketball games. However, a cheerleader's job is to show support for all athletes in the school. So even if you don't cheer at the game, here are a few other ways to show support for your volleyball team:

  • Dress in school colors on their game days.
  • Make announcements and post them on lockers letting people know that they are playing a home game and all are welcome.
  • Help them with their fundraising events; the more people, the faster the work goes.
  • Tape notes, balloons or volleyball theme decorations to player lockers.

Cheering for volleyball can be a lot of fun but make sure you know the rules of the game, and remember to keep your volleyball cheers short and sweet!

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