Words for Cheerleading Cheers

Cheerleader using a megaphone

You can never have too many cheers in your cheer arsenal. Sometimes you need a special cheer to motivate the fans, other times you need to find a way to boost your team when they're falling behind in the game. Even when everything seems to be going perfectly, the right cheer can make things even better. Put together routines of your squad's best moves to go with these cheers.

Cheers to Rev Up the Crowd

If the crowd isn't enthusiastic the team might lose some steam. Use these cheers to get the fans involved and encourage them to show some spirit.

Hey There People

Hey there people,
Have you heard?
Our team's the greatest,
Yeah, that's the word.

Hey there people,
What do you say?
If you love your team let's
Cheer 'em on today!

Cheerleader with a number one foamie

Hey there people,
What do you know?
If you've got team spirit,
Then let it show!

Say, "Hey! Ho!
C'mon team, let's go!"
"Hey! Ho!
C'mon team, LET'S GO!"

You're a Fan So Show It

If you're a fan
And you know it!
Our team's counting
On you to show it!

Clap your hands and
Shake your tush.
Our team will win if
We give 'em a push!

So stand up tall
And shout out loud,
We love you (team name)
Now make us proud!

Encouraging Cheers for a Winning Team

Nothing's better than when your team is winning the game, but don't slack off on the support. These cheers will show the team that you're still involved and rooting for them.

We're Awesome!

We're awesome and it shows.
The other team knows,
Our team dominates this game,
And they've got themselves to blame.

Our team has it all,
We know how to work that ball.
We're hotter than a flame,
And we're gonna win this game!

Way to Score!

Our team sure knows how to score,
We just picked up (number of points) more!

If we can keep up this pace,
We'll blow the lid right off this place!

So c'mon team, you're really on fire.
Let's drive that score up even higher!

Cheers to Boost a Losing Team

It might seem difficult to drum up spirit when your team isn't playing well, but that's the time when they need your support the most. Any of these cheers can help show the team that you're still pulling for them.

Fight and Win!

Cheerleader cheering

Fight and win!
Fight and win!
Never give up and
Never give in!

Dig in your heels and
Move that ball.
We want the (team name)
To win it all!

Be Heroes Today

Be our heroes,
We need you today!
Don't let this game
Just slip away!

The (team name) are mighty,
And you know it!
So believe you can win,

It's Not Too Late

We love you (team name),
You know we do.
Now get it together,
Show us what you can do.

Buckle down, focus,
And fight through the pain.
It's not too late
To win this game!

Show Your Support

Even though you're only cheering from the sidelines, you can still have some effect on the game. Your team will thrive on your support and the opposing team might even be a little psyched out that your team has such a strong cheering section. Just remember to show good sportsmanship in all your cheers, and you really can't go wrong.

Words for Cheerleading Cheers