Dealing With School Closures and Keeping Busy

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With new information surfacing regarding the coronavirus, many schools have started to shut down. Because no one is quite sure how long schools will be closed, it's best to be prepared by understanding how to stay safe, while still having fun during these temporary closures.

Creative Ways to Keep Busy

Finding ways to stay busy in the midst of schools and businesses closing can feel tricky. If you don't have homework or exams to finish, you can try engaging in some creative tasks like painting, drawing, creative writing, creating a fun playlist, reading a good book, cooking something challenging, and tackling some projects you haven't gotten around to yet. You can also take online classes in something you're interested in learning about, but didn't have time to delve into before.

Fun Activities to Try at Home

Although staying home may feel easy for some individuals, others may feel incredibly bored and wonder what they can do. If you have a backyard, and the weather permits, you can spend some time outside. Reading or sketching outside can feel really relaxing and might be worth a shot, especially if you're feeling a bit stir crazy. You can also try doing home workouts like yoga, creating a movie or book club with your friends, listening to a podcast series, and learning something totally new.

How to Stay Connected With Friends

Social distancing may feel like it's impacting your friendships. Connecting through video games, phone calls, texts, Instagram, and chatting apps like Snapchat can help you feel less isolated during this time. You can also try setting up a large online game with a few friends, creating a text thread with the group of friends who you normally see often, and calling your closest friend or friends when you feel like social distancing is taking a negative toll on your emotions. Consider writing an online journal to share your experience with other teens.

Understanding the Reality of Virtual Graduations

Virtual graduations are rising in popularity as the increase for social distancing has become a more important factor in slowing down the spread of coronavirus. While some schools may consider broadcasting their ceremonies for viewers to watch online, others may move theirs to a totally online venue in an attempt to protect students and their loved ones.

Finding Ways to Relax

The news and social media's coverage of coronavirus can feel a bit overwhelming to process. Finding healthy ways to relax and reduce the tension you may be feeling is a critical aspect of moving through this moment. Other than limiting your consumption of news, you can practice meditation, engage in progressive muscle relaxation, and learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your at home routine.

Staying Up to Date

The best way to keep track of coronavirus to to stay up to date with relevant research. Finding ways to stay busy and connect with others, while maintaining your own safety, is key during this challenging time.

Dealing With School Closures and Keeping Busy