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Gift Ideas for a Special Graduate

Graduation gifts are a wonderful reward to a graduate after all her hard work. Finding the perfect gift can be difficult if you don't know what the recipient likes or needs. Try one of these creative gifts to let the graduate in your life know how proud you are of her.

Collection of Gift Cards

A collection of gift cards can help a student get through his first weeks away at college. Consider including fast food cards, gas cards, cards for big box retailers like Target and Walmart, theater gift cards, and a card to the school's bookstore. Of course, a Visa gift card is also a great choice - and one the student can use to purchase anything he might need. In a way, a monetary graduation gift, whether it be cards or cash, just might be the perfect present.

Piggy Bank with Quarters

If the graduate is going away to college or will be living in an apartment where she will have to use a laundromat to wash her dirty clothes, she will need quarters. Going to the change machine can be a hassle, especially when dealing with ones that are sensitive to older bills. Giving a graduate a lot of quarters will save her the frustration for a year or more. What a gift!

Senior Trip with Friends

If you have a sizeable budget in mind, consider paying for all or part of a senior trip the graduate wants to take with friends. If you own a beach house or condo, consider making it available to the graduate and a few of his friends so they can spend quality time together before heading to college or entering the world of work.

Give an Adventure

One gift that will be remembered for years to come is the gift of adventure. Give the graduate a hot air balloon ride, trip to a local ski resort, or a parasailing lesson at the beach. The idea is to create a memorable experience that the gaduate will enjoy and remember for years to come.

Photo Collage of Friends

Friends are so important in high school, and they are the source of some of the best memories. Help preserve those memories by finding photos of the good times spent with friends and making either a photo collage to hang on a wall or a scrapbook.

Keepsake Box with Special Items

If you have special items you know the graduate would love to keep, consider buying or making a keepsake box. You can purchase a box and decorating supplies at a craft store, or you can buy a wooden box with a spot for engraving a name or special saying.

Laptop for Classes or Work

A laptop or netbook can be an extremely useful item for classes or work, and is something that any recent graduate is sure to appreciate and use.

eReader or Tablet

Another great option is an eReader, such as a nook or Kindle, or a tablet device, such as an iPad. These useful devices allow graduates to keep all of their books in one small portable device and provide them with a convenient way to take notes and do online research.

A Planner for Scheduling

Life after high school will be hectic, and you can cut down on the chaos by giving your graduate a planner. Many different planners exist, so choose one that you think will work best for her. and If possible, include the gift receipt so she can exchange it if she would like.

Journal to Document Life After High School

Life after high school will be just as exciting, so help the graduate document it by buying or making a journal for her. Start the journal off with a letter, letting your graduate know how proud you are of her, and offering words of wisdom for the next part of her life's journey.

Vehicle Essentials

Although a car is the ultimate graduation gift, not everyone can afford to bestow such an expensive present on a graduate. However, if the student already owns a car, there are many related gifts graduates will appreciate. A certificate to have the car detailed before she goes off to college can be a nice surprise, as can gas cards. Other car essentials include a navigation system, seat covers, new tires and remote entry.

Books from a Favorite Author

If your graduate has a favorite author, then a collection of books can be a personal gift that she can take away to college with her, and read over and over. To personalize the gift even more, have the author sign the books or request that a signed book plate be mailed to you. Most authors have contact information on their personal websites or can be contacted through their publishers.

Sentimental Coin

A single gold coin, that has the graduation year on it, can be a nice, sentimental keepsake. Place the coin into a small shadow box frame to make it even more special. Include a note that the coin will serve as a reminder that the graduate has a golden future ahead of her.

Consider Personal Preference

No matter what graduation gift you ultimately choose, try to focus on what will please the teen you are shopping for the most. He or she is sure to love your choice.

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