Christian Graduation Gifts

Christian graduation presents can be easy to find

Finding Christian graduation gifts for the important students in your life can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. After all, it's not always easy to find something that respects their personal religious beliefs in a dignified manner but also shows how proud you are of their accomplishments. However, the Internet has some great shopping resources for gifts that will be sure to please.

Christian Graduation Gift Ideas

If you're looking for a gift to honor your friend's Christian roots while at the same time providing a wonderful graduation memento, here are a few ideas that might make your search a little simpler:

  • A photo frame: Consider giving your friend a great photo frame with a religious quote or graduation verse, especially if you add a photo of you and your friend to the gift. Even without the photo, the frame makes a wonderful gift and acts as a blank canvas for your friend to input new memories. You may even want to consider a photo album with religious reminders to inspire blessed college memories.  
  • A rosary: If you and your friend are close or are both Christian, give her a rosary as a wonderful and personal gift. Be sure to have the rosary blessed by a local pastor to make the gift extra special for your friend as she moves into her new college life. 
  • A signature book: While everyone will have a yearbook for friends to sign, consider getting your friend a signature book so that she can have friends from her church sign something also. 
  • A stuffed animal: While stuffed animals are great for all types of graduation gifts, your friend might love a stuffed bear with a religious quote.
  • A bible bookmarker: Give your friend a nice bookmark with a classic Biblical quote to use as a wonderful Bible bookmark and help him remember his faith as he heads off to college. 
  • Christian songbook: If your friend loves to listen to music or sing, a CD of Christian music or a Christian songbook might be a wonderful way to honor her musical passion. 

Where to Shop for Christian Graduation Gifts 

There are several websites that make it easy to find Christian gifts for graduation: 

  • Dalton's Christian Books: Known for their bookstores, Dalton's Christian Books also provides a web store portal where you can purchase Christian gifts from teddy bears and crosses to mugs. 
  • Another wonderful resource, Christian Book offers all types of different Christian graduation gifts like bedding, t-shirts, stuffed animals, keychains, wall poems and more. The site also provides easy navigation to make it simple to find the perfect gift. 
  • Dayspring has a special portal for graduation gifts like wall hangings, personalized plaques, cards, inspirational tote bags, and journals. The site also has many other Christian gifts that might be perfect for the graduate you're shopping for.
  • Christian Dollar Store: If you're looking for Christian gifts for a bunch of your friends or all of the graduating seniors in your youth group, then a site like Christian Dollar Store has what you need. A store like this can help you get cheap graduation gifts for all of your friends, keeping your budget intact. Remember: it is the thought that counts with tokens of appreciation like this.
  • Berean Baskets: Berean Baskets has numerous gift ideas for your graduating Christian friend like bookmarks, gift baskets, stuffed bears, pens, picture frames, songbooks and much more. 
  • While isn't a gift store only for Christians, the site's large library of Christian gifts, ranging from stones of faith to prayer bands, might spur a wonderful gift idea as you scan through their virtual racks. 

Looking for Gifts 

Finding just the right gift can sometimes be a bit of a challenging experience. However, remember to keep the friend that you're shopping for in mind, and you are sure to find the perfect gift to honor your friend's graduation and religion. 

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Christian Graduation Gifts