How to Pick a Date for the Prom

Finding a prom date is simple!

Trying to figure out how to pick a date for the prom can seem overwhelming. After all, not only do you have to think of someone you'd like to ask, but you have to learn how to ask this person. There are so many options out there for who to pick that sorting through them can be difficult. However, knowing how to pick a date for the prom doesn't have to be as difficult.

Strategy: How to Pick a Date for the Prom

For some teens, the prom date dilemma is simpler than it is for others. Perhaps you know someone who has a boyfriend or girlfriend, so finding a date to prom is easy for him or her. However, just because you're not dating someone does not mean picking a prom date should be difficult. One of the best ways to figure it out is to work systematically. The following steps can really help sort through the matter in a time-efficient manner:

  1. Make a list of anyone you would like to have as a date to the prom.
  2. Eliminate anyone you know is not a feasible prom date choice.
  3. Evaluate the remaining options according to important criteria.
  4. Ask your chosen date option.

Make a List

Take the names of everyone that you would love to go to the prom with, and write them down in one place. Think of people you may not have considered before, such as an old math partner or friend from another school.

Eliminate the Impossible

Many people want to go with someone who may not be a realistic date for them. For example, they may want to go with the richest teen in school just so he can pay for it. However, for most teens, this is usually impossible. Take time to eliminate anyone who you would love to go with but likely wouldn't go with you. Getting rid of these unlikely options sets the way for you to make a quick prom date decision among your remaining choices.

Evaluate Your Options

Now that you've eliminated those who aren't likely prom date options, you can evaluate the options still are left on the list. Think of what is important to you about prom night, and figure out who on your list would be best for that. For example, prom night can involve a lot of dancing. Is it important to you that the person you go with be a good dancer? If so, figure out who on your list of potential dates fits that criteria best. Narrow down the options to one or two potential dates.

Ask Your Date

It's time to ask your date to prom. If you don't feel comfortable doing the asking, you can try to drop hints to the potential prom date by saying things like, "I don't have a prom date yet, but I'd love to go with someone like you" or "You know, we would have a great time together at prom." Even if you don't feel comfortable asking at first, the more you talk to the person, you may find yourself becoming more open to asking. Good luck!

More Decisions

Finding a date for prom is the easy part. There's still getting the prom dress or tuxedo, arranging the whole event, figuring out what to do after prom, and more. Getting a head start on the planning process can be helpful, but don't forget to stop to have a good time. It is your prom after all - have fun!

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How to Pick a Date for the Prom